30 May, 2017

My Lazy 'No Makeup' Makeup Routine | Cruelty-Free

Now that I'm on a break from working life my attitude to makeup has changed.  I have the freedom to experiment more without worrying about looking work appropriate - Great! - but I also have freedom to wear very little, or no makeup if I want to.  

Who am I kidding? No makeup?!  I've been a makeup junkie since my teens so no makeup isn't going to be a thing I choose very often but 'no makeup' makeup on the other hand is something that I do like.  My skin isn't perfect, as I do have some uneven pigmentation, hereditary under eye circles, visible pores and fine lines, but considering my age it isn't horrible so there are days I just want to look like a fresher version of me.  

Everyone has their own interpretation of low-key makeup and mine has changed over the years so I'm sharing what I've fallen into doing recently.  I was in one of those moods where I was completely over wearing a full face of foundation and was inspired to use minimal products to perfect while still allowing my own skin to show through.  If you're interested in my routine then read on...

After moisturizing I use a teensy squeeze of Om SHE Aromatherapy Pure Magic Primer (at just under 15AUD this is a much more affordable Cruelty Free dupe for Benefit's Porefessional) and rub it into my T-zone to blur my pores on and around my nose.  Then in place of foundation I let a good concealer like NARS Creamy Concealer in Vanilla go to work, just applying it to where it's really needed:  under the eyes, a little down my red nose and spot concealing any other redness or blotches and then I blend, blend, blend it in so I can't tell where the concealed bits end and my natural skin begins. To further even out my skin and take down the shine I lightly brush a tinted pressed powder all over my face and under the eyes to set the concealer (lately I've been using Australis Fresh & Flawless Pressed Powder in Natural).  Finally, I don't want to use blush but I do want to bring some subtle dimension back to my face so lately I've been using Hourglass Dim Light Ambient Lighting Powder as a subtle glowy contour (unfortunately I'm really that pale at the moment) and also apply just a touch on the tip of my nose for a subtle glow, to take away that freshly powdered look.

Eyes and lips are even more simple. I just apply a wash of beige shadow over the lids and up to the brow bone to brighten up the eye to look fresher and more awake.  The shade I've been using, Essence The Velvets (03 Smooth Caramel) appears to have been recently discontinued - why do this to me when I was about to shout out that this creamy matte shadow is a favourite? - but any good matte beige shadow should do and I finish off my eyes with a natural looking non-clumping mascara.  I've finally tried Physician's Formula Organic Wear Jumbo Lash Mascara (Ultra Black) which is a good one if you hate clumpy lashes. Now I have heard some say this mascara can be prone to smudging - I've got oily lids and normal/combo skin and have had no issues personally -  so I'm putting it out there just to be fair.

I am obsessed with lip products so I'll always wear something because I like the feel of hydrated lips and I need a little hint of youthful colour somewhere on my face. On low-key lazy days I'll either swipe on a tinted balm or sheer lippy like Essence Sheer & Shine.  The shades Glamour Queen (as pictured) or BFF are current picks.

The whole routine takes around 5 minutes so it's as lazy as I like it to be.  What's your lazy day makeup routine?  Do you go for the 'no makeup' look or do you prefer to go with a punch of colour like a bright lip?

(All products purchased by me)


  1. I go for a no makeup look or a bare skin. I do, however, wear tinted lip balm when I want to feel extra special.

  2. I always wear no makeup makeup. LOL! But lately, I just opt for a tinted sunscreen and skip foundation quite often. Ah, and tinted lip balms for the win. LOL!


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