25 June, 2017

A Winter Lipstick Wardrobe | Cruelty-Free

Yay for another lipstick post if you're a lipstick lover like me!

This one was inspired by an article I found on the interwebs when I was looking for 2017 winter lipstick trends and it resulted in one of those fun 'shop my stash' sessions. The article published in Makeup Tutorials (here) lists some 13 lipstick shades and while I didn't pull together a collection of 13, I did come up with 6 shades that I think will meet most of my winter needs when I need to go out and face the world.  I must admit I came away with a few lipstick cravings too but I'll talk about those at the end of the post.

So - I've created my little lipstick capsule wardrobe for the winter - which was surprisingly enjoyable and got me out of my current makeup rut - and being the oversharer that I am I had to show you what I came up with! Can you tell I'm in a bit of a playful mood today?

My winter lipstick wardrobe is organised into 3 categories comprising muted shades, reds and brights.  This might sound impressive but it wasn't intentional!  Funnily enough and also quite accidentally I've also ended up with an even mix of traditional lipstick bullets, lipstick crayons, and liquid lippies, comprising some mattes and some creamy, glossier lipstick formulas. Without trying I really did cover the bases in this capsule...

My picks are listed in the same order as shown above, progressing from muted shades on the left through to the reds and brights:

Too Face Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick (Melted Chihuahua)
These liquid lipsticks have been available for a long time now so the social media novelty has well and truly worn off but I still have a soft spot for a matte lipstick that doesn't dry the life out of my lips. That's beside the point though because this is all about the colour and Melted Chihuahua is a flattering muted shade and just the kind of variation of nude lip that I like to wear in winter as it doesn't erase my lips or wash me out. The official description is dusty rose but it wears more like a brown nude on me and seems to work with warm or cool eye makeup.

Antipodes Moisture Boost Natural Lipstick (Remarkably Red)
The actual lipstick shade doesn't live up to the name but is instead a muted rose red. It has a very cool undertone and it almost looks plum on my lips so I pair this with a cool neutral eye makeup look.  The lipstick formula itself is quite creamy and comfortable to wear.

NARS* Velvet Matte Lip Pencil (Cruella)
Now, this is a true classic RED and it's matte. The end.

Nudestix Intense Matte Lip & Cheek Pencil (Raven)
This matte red is deeper and cooler in tone than Cruella and wears like a deep wine on my lips - unfortunately the swatch below doesn't do it justice.  Raven makes for another classic statement winter lip but I also feel that deep matte red lips are a must in my lipstick wardrobe all year round for an evening option as they add that drama that I like.

Urban Decay Cream Lipstick (Bang)
Moving on to the brights I also love wearing a bright red-orange throughout the year but it's more unexpected and fun during a dreary grey winter's day.  Bang (perfectly named) is a juicy shade in a creamy finish so not only does it look amazing but the creamy formula feels amazing on the lips too. Speaking of the formula, this is one of those one-swipe beauties of a lipstick so I could be tempted to look at the collection again in future...if only I could justify it of course!

Chi Chi Creamy Matte Liquid Lipstick (Drama Queen)
This almost fuchsia shade of bright purple is the most 'fun' bright in my lipstick wardrobe and while I have to summon up the courage to wear it, I enjoy it when I do.  This liquid lippy has a grape scent/taste and is creamy rather than flat matte as it does not dry down completely.  It does stain the lips significantly but the stain is a bright berry, reminiscent of the stain MAC Rebel leaves, which is fine with me as Rebel was my all-time favourite MAC lippy.

Melted Chihuahua, Remarkably Red, Cruella*, Raven, Bang, Drama Queen

So, if you are in a lipstick rut and looking to be re-inspired I recommend this exercise.  It certainly has me feeling a renewed appreciation for what I have - I'm reassured I have enough options to comfortably keep up with the lipstick trends this season

And as for what I don't have in my collection?  Isn't it always the way for us makeup enthusiasts/junkies! I was looking for the perfect oxblood and toffee lipstick shades which I don't seem to have...but...I don't know...I think I'll stop here before I justify another lipstick purchase...

Do you follow lipstick trends or do you have your own signature look?

*EDIT - Unfortunately, shortly after publishing this post I became aware that NARS is no longer a Cruelty-Free brand.*

(All products purchased by me)

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