05 April, 2012

REVIEW: March's farewelled products & Project 10 Pan tally

There were quite a few of the usual suspects appearing in this month's empties line up.  Bad blogger - I need to get out of my comfortable rut!

Skin care

21) The Body Shop Moisture White Foaming Facial Wash (150ml/5.0 fl.oz)
This facial wash lasted forever it seems because a little went a long way.  I loved the soft foaming formula on my skin because it gently and thoroughly cleansed without being the least bit drying.  This product is suitable for all skin types and I'd definitely use it again as a general everyday cleanser.  The only minus is the large bottle isn't suitable for travel and it's pointless trying to decant a foam into another travel-friendly container.

22) Natio Ageless Gentle Cleansing Milk (30ml/1.0 fl.oz travel size)
I found another sample cleanser needing some love.  I've used and reviewed this previously here.

23) Maybelline Express Care Eye & Lip Makeup Remover (90ml)
I know this is my second bottle in two months but seriously they do last me longer than 30 days!  I finished my previous bottle at the start of Feb and this one late March, so it's closer to two months which isn't too bad considering I wear eye makeup every day.  I love this remover and it's my HG.  See here for my original review.  It's a no question repurchase.

Hand and body care

24) Bloom Butterfingers Shea Butter Hand Cream (250ml/8.45 fl.oz)
My bedside table staple for the last several months.  This rich hand cream has a fresh natural lavender and geranium essential oil scent.  It is a little on the greasy side so the formula is best suited for nighttime use.  Cute bottle design stamped with pink hearts although the pump made it a little tricky to get the last bits of cream out of the bottleI'm not sure I would buy this again.

25) OPI Original Nail Envy (15ml/0.5 fl.oz)
Nail Envy's my staple nail strengthener and now I've got my dear old Dad onto using the matte version for his painfully brittle nails with good results!  This product works for me so if it ain't broke... My only issue with this is the price as it costs over $30AUD per bottle.

26) Evodia Pink Frangipani Body Lotion (200ml/6.8 fl.oz)
This lotion smelt lovely with its Frangipani scent but the formula was disappointing.  It was quite watery and I had to use a huge amount to get good coverage on my limbs.  The 200ml bottle didn't last very long at all and I didn't find it particularly moisturising because of the light formula.  I won't be buying this again.

27) Avojuice Skin Quenchers Grapefruit Juicie (30ml/1 fl.oz travel size)
These little moisturisers have the most fun scents and this was no exception - a yummy, crisp but slightly sweet grapefruit fragrance.  The avocado oil in the formula makes this uber-moisturising but it absorbs well leaving my skin soft without being greasy.  I have a few more mini's to use and look forward to trying the different 'flavours' for the fun factor alone! 

28) OPI Polish Remover (non-oily, moisturizing formula 120ml - 4fl.oz)
My third bottle for the year.  It just reflects the fact I'm a lacquerholic.

29) Palmer's Olive Butter Concentrated Cream (60g/2.1 oz) 
I bought a travel-sized tube of this last year to take away on holiday and loved it enough to buy a full sized tube.   This cream's amazingly effective at dealing with dry, crocodilian skin patches on knees, elbows and feet.  It's so thick but absorbs almost instantly.  Nice subtle fragrance too. I just wish Palmer's would make larger tubes of this stuff!

Cosmetics (Project 10 Pan)

Only three more empties and I'll be done with this P10P thing I publicly put myself on.  Here are my latest empties including my first lipstick done for the year - finally!

30) Estee Lauder Pure Color Lip Gloss (Passion Fruit)
Well, now I only have to finish two more lip glosses and my lip gloss ban is over!  This juicy, slightly shimmery watermelon was easily finished this season as it was the perfect warm weather colour.  The formula is quite wet so it needed regular reapplication.  I got this as a freebie some time ago but I wouldn't rush out to purchase it myself based on the formula.

31)  L'Oreal Nutrishine (Pretty Peach)
Gorgeous sheer pink/peach lipstick with a lipbalm feel on the lips.  I like the pretty colour-coded packaging too.  For a swatch of this and the Estee Lauder Pure Color Lip Gloss click here

32)  Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer (02 Nude)
Inexpensive and better than YSL's iconic Touche Eclat in my opinion.  I've just reminded myself as I'm currently using my last YSL to finish it off and the coverage just isn't to the same opacity as this little drugstore product.  My only beef is the limited range of shades available in Australia (Ivory, Nude and Sand).  I will definitely repurchase!

That's it for another month.  I'll let you know when I finally get to my P10P target.  I have a MAC pressed powder that's almost gone and a few more lippies almost worn down to the stubs so it shouldn't be too much longer now!!

Until next time.

Vita :)


  1. Ah I didn't know they made a matte Nail Envy, might have to get a bottle for my grandad. (:

    Also, I've heard Priceline phased out Physicians Formula because they're planning on phasing in the new and improved version... kind of like PF 2.0 with Happy Booster blushes etc! x

  2. Hi Michelle :) Yes the matte nail envy is great stuff for the guys. My Dad's elderly and his nails were breaking and splitting badly so he's being really happy because it seals over any splits while strengthening the nails.

    So glad to hear we're getting the new Physicians Formula because I've been lemming over those Happy Booster blushes for a while! xo

  3. I adore my Happy Booster blush! Can't wait to see what Priceline do with the line. Great lot of empties here, you've done well with lip products you should be proud :D Have a great easter xx

    1. Happy Easter to you too Emma! xoxo

  4. ooooh, I might have to give that maybelline dream lumi a go :o)

    Happy easter Vita

    1. Happy Easter to you and your family Kristy! xo

  5. I really need to start one of these monthly things, because it will motivate me to use up all the stuff just sitting in my collection :P

    1. Great idea Gianna. I also find it helpful in showing me what products I use up the most (and least)!

  6. 30 AUD for a bottle of OPI nail strengthener?! yikes!!! its around 10 dollars on the supply store next to where i live :( wished you lived in the states Vita!! we could go shopping together! :D

    1. Wow Maria! I nearly fell off my chair at that price!! Just shows you how inflated the prices are here in Australia. I'd love to go shopping over there with you :) xo


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