24 April, 2012

Layering: Nicole by OPI - Count on Me

When I noticed my bottle of NOPI's Count on Me sitting next to Revlon's Modern Grace in my Helmer the other day it looked like the proverbial perfect match.  It must have been a sign I needed to wear these together so I just had to go with it! 

Count on Me is one of those ridiculously, excessively pretty polishes.  The Nicole by OPI website describes this sheer polish as:  "A pearlessence of lilac and pink blended".  It's an accurate description although I can also see a strong blue shift in this polish.  In my mind I could see how these would compliment the grey/blue/lavender creme base of Modern Grace and, yep, it turned out as I expected.  I applied two coats to really transform this look from creme to duochrome and dreamy...



I'll definitely be wearing Count on Me in further combos.  Any suggestions?

Vita :)


  1. So beautiful! Those last 2 pics are especially stunning

    1. Thanks Kristy, the duochrome is so much more visible IRL!

  2. It's so pretty! I love it! I'm absolute crap at putting together nail combos, though, so I have no suggestions for you, haha! *fail*

    1. No problem! Your comment's welcome anyway (and I do have a few ideas...)


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