24 March, 2013

What's in my fragrance wardrobe?

This is one of those "come and take a peek" type of posts where I'm sharing another little bit of my beauty-related self with you!

This time I've opened up my fragrance wardrobe to share the full sized fragrances I have on current rotation.  "On current rotation" is the thing here:  I do have a few more still in their boxes but I always worry about fragrance spoiling once it's been opened and exposed to light, heat etc. so I try and limit the number of what I have open at any given time.  Yes, I'm a department store queen when it comes to fragrance so there aren't any indie brands here - although I need to get me some education on that.  Help and recommendations please!

Clockwise from bottom left:

 L'Occitane - Voyage En Mediterranee - Labdanum (EDP 75ml)
Notes: Citrus fruits and spices, Labdanum (a woody shrub with a warm amber scent), benzoin, vanilla

I bought this scent on a whim going through the airport a few years ago because I loved its warm amber notes - amber fragrances always get my attention!  I originally wore it as a cold weather scent but now I've found it works rather well for me on warmer evenings too because it has a sensual oriental undertone to it. With its vanilla base this also works well layered over my chocolate scented Chocomania body lotion from The Body Shop to create a warm gourmand scent which isn't too sweet or cloying.  I'm just sad this is no longer readily available.  Sadly, as with L'Occitane's previous L'eau Ambree, these amber based scents have been discontinued.

Bulgari - Mon Jasmine Noir (EDP 50ml)
Notes:  lily of the valley, sambac jasmine, musky nougatine, vibrant wood

This was a gift from my husband and while the soft floral scent wouldn't have caught my nose's attention I do find it quite pleasant and easy to wear.  Jasmine seems to be the predominant note and although the fragrance is soft - I hate saying this - and inoffensively safe enough for day wear I save it for the evening - in particular date nights with my other half!

YSL - Elle Summer Edition (EDT 90ml)
Notes:  Grapefruit, sambac jasmine, pink pepper, benzoin, amber

I'm a fan of the original fruitier, woodier Elle fragrance and bought this version as my summer scent on a whim (and because it was on sale).  I like the lightness and freshness of this version but ultimately I'm a true fan of the original pink bottle with its woodier base notes.  I save this fragrance for weekend wear only - and then only for warm, sunny days!  Somehow I don't want to break the connection with this scent, summery weather and fun - go figure!

MOR - Marshmallow Perfume Oil (9ml)
Notes:  Vanilla musk, jasmine flower, sugar dipped rose petals, white carnation, cotton candy

Get the idea this is sweet scent? Yes, oh yes, and I don't particularly understand the reference to marshmallow as this fragrance definitely smells like musk candy to me.  I bought this because I actually liked the marshmallow scented hand cream but I find this is just a little too much for me.  Worn sparingly on rare occasions only!

Versace - Bright Crystal (EDT 30ml)
Notes:  Iced accord, yuzu, pomegranate, peony, magnolia, lotus flower, acajou, vegetal amber, musk

I bought my first bottle in the same size for a travel-sized scent, then liked it so much I bought another - mostly because it reminded me of that wonderful vacation.  It smells quite crisp and slightly green to me for a floral scent. Very summery and a favourite choice for the weather we've been having because I smell so fresh when I wear it.

L'Occitane - Pivoine Flora (EDT 75ml)
 Notes:  bergamot, grapefruit, green notes, peony, magnolia, violet, vanilla, cedar, musk

I bought this last spring when I was looking for a lighter, fresh scent for the season.  I love how this scent rides the balance of floral and green so while it is very feminine it still has that clean freshness that I love in the warmer months.  This is one of my everyday daytime scents because it's so versatile.  Good for the office or  worn as a casual weekend scent.  

So there you have it - you've had a little peek into my fragrance wardrobe.  I can see I'll be including some richer, warmer fragrances when the weather cools down but these are my current go to's.

What are your current favourites?


  1. Oh my, Vita! You have some of my faves! I adore L'Occitane's Labdanum, it is one of my top 5 scents. I love Jamin Noir, not tried the Mon version but I bet it is great :)

    1. Oh wow! To get your discerning approval on some of my fragrance choices is really something Su! I've been treasuring my bottle of Labdanum so I'm pretty sad there's less than half the bottle left. I'm going to be using more and more sparingly I think from now on. xo

  2. Lovely set, Vita! If you want to try Indie brands, I like Sweet Anthem for a wide selection of scents (and formats), and then Solstice Scents has some nice oils. I've also been meaning to try Twyla Perfumes, which I know Su likes. Perfume IS the proverbial rabbit hole, I swear. It never ends!

    1. Thanks for the list Larie! I'll have to hop online and check them all out. It's only because of you, Liz and Su that I've had my eyes opened to the world of indie brands and naturally now I'm a little curious as to what I've been missing out on! xo

  3. So many fruity florals!
    I'm curious to know what you've got tucked away in their boxes still.

    1. True! And I'd always thought I was an orientals kind of girl, lol! Hmmm....I have a bottle of Tom Ford Black Orchid EDP (about to be opened), Chanel Allure Sensuelle, SJP Lovely, a Fendi I can't remember the name of and a few EDT's from fashion chain Zara. Just enough to know that I won't be running out soon! Although not as many bottles as some, haha!!

  4. Oooh, I loved peeking into your fragrance stash.

    I find MOR stuff to be way too sickly sweet most times, and I love every incarnation of the Bvlgari Jasmine scents. I get excited seeing these because I know that you actually finish your perfumes unlike the vast majority out there. :D

    1. Glad you enjoyed the little tour Liz! Ah yes, the MOR - I sometimes wonder what I was thinking there?? I enjoy the sweetness for the barest amount of time then it's all too much - who wants to smell sugar all day long? Still, I haven't brought myself to throwing it out just yet!

  5. Hi Vita, this was really fun! You have such a uplifting collection! Jasmine Noir sounds special, especially if it was a gift from your better half :)

    1. Thank you Dovey :)

      I think I remember you also being a fan of Bright Crystal too! I feel my current collection mostly represents the joy of summer. I seem to have a lot of summery scents generally because I find they're easier to buy - I always think there are more summer scents to choose from!

  6. Love having a peek into your perfume wardrobe, I have quite a few more open than you but so far have only had one perfume 'turn' in my lifetime, so I'm living life on the edge. I actually tried on Bright Crystal yesterday and really liked it, so I think that will be next on my to buy list. I am also wanting to get an amber based fragrance, I have been wearing the Amber Romance Victoria's Secret lotion and my it is amazing-come at me, cold weather!

    1. Amber scents are wonderful for colder weather, and I'm happy I found a travel sized bottle of Prada L'eau Ambree in my drawer just the other day! I'd probably have more open bottles if my bathroom wasn't upstairs as it tends to get quite warm up there in summer - having said that I do have a friend who stores her precious bottles in the refrigerator and I know she has a lot more bottles of fragrance than me!


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