11 February, 2012

Haul post: Bargain bling!

I've been very disciplined and haven't bought any make-up since declaring my ban.  It hasn't stopped me from picking up few other things during the summer sales though.  A few weeks ago Australian accessories company Lovisa  had a 3 for $10 sale and I managed to find some nice casual pieces of jewellery for the season - I do love a good bargain!  I thought I'd share my latest "splurge" with you so here are the pictures. 

This pendant has a bit of a boho feel to it with its mix of textures and I like the warm colour combination. 

The cat's out of the bag here!   If you didn't already know it I'm a Taurean.  I like the description on the backing card of this bangle.  Yes, I'm practical, patient, honourable and sensitive.  It's a lot nicer a description than stubborn, temperamental, and possessive - all true too by the way on occasion...

Turquoise is having a moment and I'm glad so it wasn't a big decision to buy these earrings as my third piece.  Turquoise always looks wonderful against white and I've I recently seen it surprisingly successfully paired with a medium brown patterned dress, giving it a lift.

Thanks for looking!

Vita :)


  1. Now I want an Aries necklace like your Taurus one. :)))

  2. Love the turquoise earrings! :) You have great taste in jewelry, all of it looks lovely.

    1. Thanks Vintage! I'll have to wear those earrings soon before our summer ends :)


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