17 December, 2012

REVIEW: Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Eventone Age Spot Hand Cream

I've yet to meet a Palmer's skin care product I don't like so it shouldn't surprise anyone that my latest handbag hand cream is from Palmer's Eventone range.  The Eventone range of products is specifically formulated to target dark skin spots and discolouration and being conscious of keeping my own age spots at bay I had to try this out to see for myself.

There seems to be something about me unwittingly buying award winning beauty products over the last few months cos this hand cream has won the Readers Choice Award for best hand cream at the Australian Beauty Awards 2012

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Eventone Age Spot Hand Cream (60g)

According to Palmer's this hand cream combats the signs of ageing on the hands with its combination of sunscreen to protect the skin from sun damage, and a mix of skin lightening ingredients to fade existing spots. 

The key skin lightening and brightening ingredients are:
  • Liquorice Extract - to inhibit the overproduction of melanin (pigment)
  • Soy - to restore luminosity by preventing pigmentation from UV exposure and protecting the skin against free radical damage
  • Synovea - a skin lightening agent
  • Vitamin C - to increase cell turnover rate and reveal brighter skin
The other key ingredients are targeted at keeping the hands soft:   Vitamin E for skin hydration and - of course - cocoa butter to diminish water loss and keep skin supple.

What I notice when I use this hand cream is how incredibly thick the formula is (see above) straight out of the tube.  However, although it's very thick it's also very quick to rub into the skin, almost instantly as a matter of fact.  It does feel a little heavy, almost like a barrier cream on the skin at first but it eventually completely absorbs and is totally non-greasy, leaving my skin feeling noticeably softer.  The scent is a pleasantly subtle white lily (although I think I can just detect a hint of cocoa - or is that wishful thinking?).

My spots haven't totally disappeared but they have subtly reduced and I also like the idea of wearing products on my hands with inbuilt sunscreen at this time of year.  I also like the handbag friendly size (60g) and the purse friendly price ($7.99AUD).

  • Skin lightening ingredients to fade existing pigmentation
  • Sunscreen protection against further ageing caused by UV rays
  • Vitamin E and Cocoa butter to hydrate the skin
  • Very rich so a little goes a long way
  • Quickly absorbed, non-greasy formula
  • Subtle floral fragrance
  • Handy size for stashing in your bag
  • $7.99AUD for a 60g tube
  • Feels slightly tacky on the skin immediately after application

Would I buy this again?
I would definitely buy this hand cream particularly for the summer months when my hands need added protection from the sun.

Until next time.

Vita :)


  1. This cream sounds great :) I don't like heavy creams during the day but I love to put them on before I go to bed <3

    1. I usually do too - at the moment I'm using a lavender scented hand cream for night time and it has such a relaxing scent! I swear it almost helps me get to sleep :)

  2. I had no idea they made a skintone correcting cream! You find all the cool things, Vita.

    1. Palmer's have an entire range of this stuff but the hand cream was the first thing I've tried. This is just proof I spend way too many hours poring over the drugstore shelves ;p

  3. I don't think Palmer's has such a wide range in North America. I only see their regular multi-purpose cream and that's about it. The Nivea I'm using sounds a lot like this but I like the greasiness on hands during cold weather.

    1. Palmer's has quite an extensive range down here and I don't think I've tried half of it yet - I'm actually surprised you guys don't have the same and more!

  4. I have some light pigmentation on my hands, so I might check this out since it is a small investment and I like that it has Vitamin c and sun protection! I hope to find it in the US.

    1. I hope you can track it down! I'm actually interested in trying their spot reducing serum for the face - I'm really needing it now that summer is here :p

  5. This sounds great. I wish Palmer's had posted how much SPF is in this product.

    1. I no longer have the tube and looked on the Palmer's website for you - they don't mention the SPF anywhere!?! Good observation - now I wish I knew the answer Boo!


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