09 August, 2014

July's farewelled products (and beauty diet update)

Okay, I'm getting straight into it this time.  Ready, set, go!
Skin care
69) La Clinica White Brilliant Intensive Correction Serum Stage 1 (10ml/0.35 fl.oz. sample size)* - I'm currently using the entire White Brilliant range so when I ran out of the full sized bottle last month I found this sample tube to keep up the routine.  Read my thoughts from last month's empties here.
70) Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes (25 wipes)* - I received these in an Autumn/Winter care pack from Palmer's Australia and being the wipes fiend that I am, I got into them pretty much straight away.  They're alcohol free, enriched with cocoa butter and chamomile so they don't leave the skin feeling tight after cleansing but gently moisturised and are softly scented with white lily.
Hand and body care
71) Crabtree & Evelyn Pomegranate Argan & Grapeseed Hand Therapy (100g/3.5 oz.) - C & E hand creams are strongly scented yet they don't irritate my sensitive skin and they're super rich and moisturising so I enjoy using them.  The pomegranate scent actually smells like candy so my son loved it every time I put it on! I have several of the smaller tubes of C & E hand creams to get through so expect to see quite a few more over the coming months.
72) OPI Expert Touch Lacquer Remover (120ml/4 fl.oz) - And this appears for the sixth time in my empties posts this year.
73) Natio Natural Antibacterial Hand Wash (300ml/10.1 fl.oz) - This clear gel hand wash was freshly scented and gently effective without drying out my hands.  I bought it at a Natio warehouse sale last year and unfortunately haven't seen any since otherwise I would definitely repurchase it.
 Now for this month's beauty diet update. I've had a very restrained month as I haven't bought anything to reward myself for the latest 4 empties although I am teetering very close to the edge of treating myself to an Hourglass lipstick! Sophie, Anissa, Norlin  are still in on it too.
74) Maybelline Dream Matte Powder (Medium) - Maybe I expected too much of this widely loved drugstore powder?  It wasn't the dreamy matte finish I'd imagined and it seemed like I was constantly re-powdering my shiny t-zone.
75) Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara (black) - I'm pretty sure this has been discontinued.  I didn't particularly love or hate this one. 
76) Za Perfect Fit Concealer (01) - One of the best concealers I've tried. The coverage is amazing and a little bit goes a very long way! This rich and creamy concealer is brightening and very opaque without creasing.  I will definitely be hunting this baby down when I go back to Japan next month.
77) Essence Glossy Lip Balm (Strawberry) - This gloss was strongly scented like strawberry candy and made my lips look super shiny with a slight pearly tint.  Honestly I only wore it around the house when my lips felt dry so I wouldn't repurchase it.
78) Victoria's Secret Amber Romance EDT (30ml) - A very cozy and warming creamy amber.  Had I known that I'd enjoy this scent so much I would have bought the range of body products too.  I will definitely repurchase from this range!  The fragrance notes are:  black cherry, crème anglaise, vanilla and sandalwood.
79) Tom Ford Champaca Absolute EDP (4ml sample) - Me and my Tom Ford samples, eh?  It's because the perfumes are so expensive that I indulge vicariously via the samples! This one's another heady unisex fragrance although it leans more toward the feminine end of the spectrum for me with its floral undertones - it reminds me a little of the one full sized bottle of Tom Ford I do own:  Black Orchid. Top notes are cognac, bergamot and dyer’s greenweed; middle notes are champaca, orchid, violet and jasmine; base notes are vanilla, amber, sandalwood and marron glace.
80) Plum Japonais EDP (.05 fl.oz/1.5ml) - I wish I owned a bottle of this slightly fruity, spicy stuff! It's certainly more uplifting than a lot of TF samples I've tried and the spicy plum scent evokes memories of childhood when my mother used to boil down autumn ripe plums into a rich spicy syrup. The notes are:  japanese plum, saffron, cinnamon, immortelle, plum blossom, camellia, agarwood (oud), amber, benzoin, fir and vanilla.
That's it for another month...
(Products marked * were provided for my consideration.  All comments and opinions are my own.)


  1. Myer still has that handwash so feel free to ask about them getting it for you in bulk from other stores if you like.

    1. Thanks for the tip Dustyn! I haven't checked out the range in Myer for ages and I couldn't find the handwash when I last checked Natio's website.

  2. Amber Romance - the best! I have the spray and the lotion, going to buy this perfume on my honeymoon. Love VS and so happy it has opened up at Emporium

    1. Yeah I'm happy we finally have a store in Melbourne - means my options are open now although I'll probably buy some duty-free on the next trip!

  3. Oooh, I want to sniff Plum Japonais! Champaca Absolute has me curious, too, though Black Orchid was a little too whoa for me :P

    1. I know what you mean about Black Orchid - I use it sparingly and a top later in the day is out of the question! Lol

  4. Great empties, tons of products you've got here. That Natio handwash sounds nice :)

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

    1. I think I'm going to hunt down some more of that handwash now that Dustyn's put me onto where to find it - right under my nose in Myer apparently!

  5. I had to throw away the Maybelline powder - did nothing for me and the shades are all weirdly chalky and ashy. :(

    You've just reminded me to give C&E hand creams a try. I kept looking at them last year but started hating on the whole metal tube packaging. But now everyone keeps coming out with the same design, so I may as well get one that works well, lol.

    1. Thank god I'm not the only one underwhelmed by that powder - it just didn't work out for me!

      Yes do try the C & E creams! They're not quite as slick/greasy as L'Occitane but they're every bit as moisturising and the range of different scents is amazing - I just finished a mini tube of avocado, olive & basil hand therapy and it smelt so wonderfully fresh! :)


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