20 October, 2015

Singapore beauty haul 2015 part 2: The luxury edition

This haul post is hopelessly late as I took these pictures weeks ago!

  I've been busy as usual, but "better late than never" I figure so here are the products I bought at the more spendy end of the Singaporean beauty market - mostly from Sephora.  Yes, Sephora is finally coming to Melbourne very soon but I'm not planning to visit until the hysteria settles so it will probably be next year before I walk through those doors.  Until then I'm well and truly satiated by this beauty loot...

  • Urban Decay Ten 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil Set - I've long been a fan of Urban Decay's 24/7 liners thanks to my husband gifting me a set a few years ago.  The only thing that stops me from buying more of these is the price of the individual pencils so another set was the answer. The full sized ultra-black Perversion is the only repeat for me (mine dried up and died a little while ago so this is the backup!) and the other colours are all new additions to my little collection.  Standout shades influencing my decision were Voodoo because it's purple (my favourite coloured liner shade!) and the variously taupey and brown shades like Faint and Mugshot. I don't wear these on the waterline so they perform more than well enough on my upper or lower lash lines for a bit of definition.

  • Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipstick (Temper) - The matte revolution lippies were a brand spanking new release in Sephora so I was keen to try at least one.  I always love a good matte lip and Temper is the kind of bright matte shade I like to wear best.

  • Tarte Energy Noir Palette - I'm drawn to eye and cheek palettes, I didn't own anything from Tarte prior to this trip and the colours are neutrals, plums and smokeys which were all speaking to me...need I justify this purchase more? Oh, okay the eye shadows swatched smoothly too! The dusty blush shade looks somewhat similar to Exposed (see below) but this particular shade is Unearthed.

  • Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush (Exposed) - I went to two Sephora stores to find this blush so this purchase was a case of mission accomplished! Yes...I know I'm the last person on the planet - or so it feels - to own this particularly well known blush.  It makes a nice change from the usual peaches or corals I gravitate to anyway.

  • Too Faced Love Palette - So I tossed up between this and the Semi-Sweet palette and in the end I was convinced this was a better buy and a change from my typical choices.  There's definitely a bit of colour and shimmer in there but it's still wearable enough for me to get away with during the daylight hours.  I also liked the 'three palettes in one' layout for some initial inspiration, and I basically overlooked the inclusion of the waterproof eyeliner! Do I like the heart design? Not really but I can forgive that for the contents.

  • Laneige BB Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ (#13 True Beige) - My wonderful friends Sophia and Mabel introduced me to this product as they are both fans. During our joint shopping/dinner evening we were discussing the pros and cons of certain base products and this was the number one recommendation to try.  The girls also helped choose the perfect shade for me too and now I've been officially introduced to the wonders of the BB cushion!  I wouldn't have believed it but now that I've tried it I can say this stuff does feel comfortably cooling on the skin and it's so easy to apply with the enclosed puff sponge. 
  • The Original Beautyblender -  There's not much more to say than I finally caved and threw one of these into my shopping basket on the way to the cashier.
  • Sephora Lip Liner To Go (08 Classic Pink) - Another Mabel and Sophia recommendation! The ladies told me - and the swatches proved - these lip liners are creamy enough to wear on their own.


I did have another mineral shadow duo from the VDL boutique that unfortunately got smashed just before I took this picture *sob*.  I'm still hoping to salvage it with some rubbing alcohol...
  • Festival Shadow (202 Cork) - I really just wanted to sample some of the eye shadows from this Korean brand so I went with a safe everyday shade that won't get forgotten in the back of the drawer.  As a matter of fact I'm going to be wearing it tomorrow!
  • Tint Bar Triple Shot (502 Triple Burgundy) - The gradient or ombre lipstick or balm was a new discovery to me when I arrived in Singapore so I was really intrigued and had to have one! The burgundy layer might look awfully scary in the tube but it looks really soft on the lips and the fade out creates the optical illusion of fuller lips. After wearing this for the first time I'm ever so slightly regretting not buying more.
  • Expert Color Lip Cube (502 Rosewood) - Another case of me just wanting to sample from a brand I can't get my hands on at home.  These lipsticks are apparently very long wearing so I have to find out for myself.


I bought these Laneige products from the Tangs department store in Vivocity...
  • Water Sleeping Mask - I'm talking about this first but this was the afterthought and the result of the SA doing a good job on the upsell! I've never used an overnight mask before and the stuff felt soooo good rubbed into the back of my hand.  Whatever.  I like a good pamper so I don't regret it!
  • Two Tone Lip Bar (No. 3 Pink Salmon and No. 5 Daring Darling) - So...like I said earlier I was intrigued by the ombre lip trend and these orange-pink and red-pink combinations looked absolutely wild! So wild that I've not worn them yet but I plan to get playing soon!

Duty free part 1

Leaving Australia...
  • Jurlique Purely Age-Defying Skin Care Program - Kits are always the best way to sample a new or different skin care range so I decided to pamper myself with this - still prohibitively expensive - anti-aging range.
  • Prada Candy Trio - The only way to get a discount on Prada is DF so that, and my ongoing love affair with Prada fragrances, explains that purchase. 

Duty free part 2

Leaving Singapore...
  • Cle De Peau Luminizing Face Enhancer (14 Delicate Pink) - Yes, even buying this DF in Changi Airport was an extravagance but I've wanted this for such a long time and it's just FREAKING GORGEOUS!!! Buyer's remorse? Not this time!

So there you have part 2! Part 3 will be devoted to one brand that I got quite carried away with, so stay tuned...it will happen I promise...

Until next time!


  1. OMG I have been waiting for this, what an awesome haul Vita ! The UD liners and the lipstick looks so good and so does the Too Faced palette. The CDP face enhances is so so pretty, major drool ..

    1. I'm genuinely sorry for keeping everyone waiting...and then I started wondering if it was worth the wait! So glad you enjoyed it Saumya! xoxo

  2. UD lipstick looks stunning! Laneige BB Cushion also sounds great :)

    1. I really need to wear that UD lipstick soon - I bought that colour because it looked lovely when my friend wore it! The BB Cushion feels beautiful on the skin and looks very natural so I am enjoying wearing it :)

  3. Duty free is one of the best parts of overseas holidays, haha! I remember Changi was pretty good for cheaper prices - at least en route to Europe. Certainly the most "affordable" prices I'd encounter throughout my trip. I regret buying my Innisfree Water Glow Cushion - way too light for me and not even that dewy! It did satiate my curiosity about BB cushions though. Tarte Exposed is such a hyped blush - I think it's nice but not one of my all-time favourites. I prefer NARS Douceur for a similar colour.

    1. Duty free shopping is always enjoyable and Changi has such an amazing variety of things too - my one regret is not buying anything from the Fresh range because I really do love their lip treatments. What a shame about the Innisfree BB cushion. At least it wouldn't have been too expensive an experiment I guess!

  4. NICE!!!! When you haul, you HAUL GOOD. That highlighter! OH MY.

    1. That highlighter has been the object of my desire for the longest time and when I saw it duty free I knew that it was now or never!!!

  5. OMG that highlighter is incredible!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy it!

  6. I'm squeeeing inside that someone I know got a Cle De Peau Luminizing Face Enhancer!
    Go, Vita, go!


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