24 March, 2012

Japanese NOTD: Tokuya # 16

Most of the time I'll wear the polishes I post for at least a day.  I'll only do a true swatch (ie. paint the nails on one hand, photograph, remove) for polishes I think are too boring or just too out there.  OK, so I swatched this one because I thought it was going to be a standard pink shimmer but it was so much better than that...

Tokuya enamel # 16 really comes to life on the nail.  The application was super smooth and streak-free in two coats.  Its spun sugary goodness reminded me of candy floss.  It was just a fun pink - I'm definitely going to wear this as a full manicure in future!

Full sun


That's all for tonight.

Vita :)


  1. That is stunning. My nails are in terrible condition and polish hardly ever lasts more than a day one me *sadface*

    1. Thank you! As an ex-nailbiter I used to have the same problem with polish not lasting - fixed that with a good base coat and top coat and a bit of TLC on my hands and nails. Maybe I should post my handcare routine??

  2. aww perfect soft pink shade for spring :)

    1. Yes, absolutely! I need to wear this again!


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