18 March, 2012

NOTD: Layering with Winmax 145

When I did my Japanese polish stash post a few weeks ago I'd forgotten about a few bottles of polish I'd bought when Japanese discount store Daiso opened in a local shopping centre last year.  When I got there after the initial stampede all of the most interesting shades had been cleared out but for a few.  Winmax 145 is one of those little gems and is a very sheer layering polish with its mix of blue, almost opalescent microglitter.   

I couldn't leave yesterday's green creme mani alone so I added two coats of this fine sparkle to make it subtly more interesting.  I like how my nails have taken on a sparkly glow.



Now, if you want to see some more truly amazing swatches of these layering polishes check out Kristy's blog here.

That's all for now.

Vita :)


  1. I really like the effect that gives, so beautiful.

    1. Thanks Emma. I can't believe I'd forgotten about this polish. Not bad for $2.80!

  2. Very nice, these winmax polishes are magical

    1. Thanks Kristy, I absolutely adored your swatches but only found them after I went Googling for more info on Winmax polishes!!! It's weird in a good way how we independently swatched these within days of each other!


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