02 August, 2012

REVIEW: July's farewelled products

There are so many empties posts around this month!  I love reading them so I think it's really fantastic.  Just to add to the growing list, here's mine.  And...Ta-dah!!!  After seven long months I've finished my lipstick ban so I'm showing off the evidence. If you like seeing worn down lipstick stubs then read on...

Skin care

67) Garnier Clean Sensitive Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes (25 wipes)
These were lightly sudsy, waffle weave wipes with just the right amount of makeup remover. Suited for dry and sensitive skin as they don't contain perfume or alcohol, these wipes were just what my winter irritated skin needed. They're not as large or as wet as Olay wipes but I liked the way they left my skin feeling clean and comfortable with no tightness at all so I didn't need a night cream if I felt lazy. No fancy flip top packaging but I like these enough to repurchase in future.

68) Shiseido Benefiance Revitalizing Emulsion (15ml/.5 fl.oz travel size)
I found this little glass bottle lurking in my travel toiletries bag so I decided to use it up in a token effort to declutter the bathroom (even if the bottle was labelled 'Best before June 2014'!) . This product is super rich so I didn't need to use much at all to moisturise my entire face and neck and I think it would actually be a bit too heavy and greasy if we weren't in the heart of winter. On the plus side I personally loved the luxe fragrance. On the minus I found it a bit of a PITA trying to coax the product out of the tiny opening - you can't squeeze a glass bottle! If the full sized product is packaged the same way then I personally wouldn't purchase it simply on that frustrating basis.

69) Olay Gentle Foaming Face Wash With Aloe - normal/sensitive (100g)
I bought it because it's cheap and gentle and I usually like to suds up my face a bit in the shower. Tick, tick, tick! Oh yes, it doesn't take a lot of rinsing off either so all in all I'd repurchase this especially as it's a good size for travelling without being too mini.

Hand and body care

70) Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser (500ml)
I've been using this as my body cleanser for a few months now and rather than being bored of it I've fallen totally in love with it because my skin's never felt better. I no longer suffer dry or itchy skin and my keratosis is now virtually gone.  This is my HG body product for dry, sensitive, goosebumpy skin.  I love it and have already repurchased a third, and fourth bottle so expect to see a few more of these empties through the year!

71) OPI Original Polish Remover (120ml/4 fl.oz)
It's been relabeled and repackaged in a sleeker bottle but this is the same stuff I rely on to remove all that nail polish I constantly apply. This is my sixth - and definitely not the last - empty bottle for the year.

72) SHE Sheer Brightness hand cream (75ml/2.5 fl.oz)
I'm just going to restate what I wrote about this hand cream in my previous hand and nail care post around a month or so ago:  To be honest this tube was my last handbag staple just because it was at the top of the hand cream stash! I bought it for the youth preserving properties and the list of magic ingredients include Vitamin C, Antioxidants, Pomegranate and Vitamin F. It absorbs quite well and leaves my skin soft, but the essential oil scent is a little heavy for my personal taste.  Repurchase?  No.

73)  L'Occitane Ultra Rich Shower Cream with 5% Shea Butter (75ml/2.5 fl.oz)
I had this sitting in the shower for an age and I finally decided to use it.  It is lovely, creamy and frankly indulgent as a showering product, and is faintly scented of coconut.  Oh bloody hell (sorry), I love this too and would repurchase just to spoil myself!  Maybe I can alternate with the Cetaphil hmmm??

So here they are - my last two lipstick empties, plus a bonus empty lip gloss tube - sound the trumpets!

74) Kit Lip Gloss (Fully Loving It)
I wasn't expecting to finish another lip gloss quite so quickly after completing the lip gloss ban but this is my sixth gloss done for the year. I couldn't get enough of this gloss because of the MLBB colour and uber shine. And of course this particular shade's been discontinued. Ain't that always the way...

75) MAC (Crosswires)
I decided I really, really, roolly loved this lipstick when I was millimetres away from finishing it, although I know I have raved about this coral lipstick before. I'm a little sad it's gone and I would seriously consider buying another tube for spring/summer because I'll say it again, it's the perfect summer coral!

76) Rimmel (Asia)
My MLBB mauve cream lipstick and so long lasting - it's no wonder they're called Lasting Finish! Toward the end of my lipstick ban I was wearing this shade every day and it still took an age to finish. I would consider buying it again at some point in future because it's a flattering everyday shade but honestly after wearing it day in day out I'm not in a hurry to wear it again for a while!

So these were my empties this month - thanks for reading.
Now I'll get back to reading yours!

Vita :)


  1. Love this! I really want to try that MAC lippie now hahah. I like the thought of the perfect summer coral.

    1. It is gorgeous! I always get girls at the office asking me what shade I'm wearing when I wear Crosswires :) xo

  2. You're so good with finishing your lipsticks! I just don't have the persistance! I'm really interested in the Cetaphil Skin Cleanser now, I can never have enough moisture products for winter!

    1. The Cetaphil's not glamorous in any way but it's such a great body (and face) cleanser! I use it with a wash cloth and it's doing a great job of smoothing my skin without drying it out. I have to thank my doctor again for recommending it to me :)

  3. LOVE these posts! I am using Cetaphil skin care now and I love it. I never thought to use it as a body wash, but I may try it out, as my current body soap isn't impressing me much. Great job on the lipstick ban!

    1. Thanks Kaki! It feels so good to have completed such a long winded challenge - note to self: next time don't choose to use up long lasting lipsticks!! Cetaphil is excellent stuff and so reasonably priced. I'm thinking of buying the largest size bottle for the shower because I'm using it every day :)

  4. Always inspiring to read your empties posts! I've read so many good things about Crosswires, I think I'll have to check it out next time I'm in MAC! I agree that sometimes when you wear a product day in day out you get over it, the same as when a good song is overplayed on the radio. I've only tried that Cetaphil cleanser on my face and it didn't agree with me, I might throw it in the shower and see if the rest of my skin is a fan.

    1. You should be able to get good use out of the Cetaphil in the shower. Now my husband's getting curious about it so I can see I'm gonna have to buy the largest size bottle because I'm currently getting through a bottle a month on my own! Crosswires is a lipstick I've raved about many times myself because it looks so good at the office or on the weekend. It really brightens up my face without being too overpowering. Love it and hope you do too!

  5. Great empties! I too am a big fan of the Rimmel London lippie "Asia!" It's such a flattering colour!

    1. Rimmel Asia is a lovely colour although you can probably understand I'm all "Asia'ed" out at the moment!

  6. Man, TWO finished lipsticks! Cannot compute :P

    1. Trust me Larie, I don't think you'll see anything like that for the rest of the year! I've been wearing a different lipstick literally every day since finishing the ban. I'm sure you can understand :)

  7. You are amazing, Vita!!! LOL @ Larie and ditto that.

    I also LOL'ed at your bloody hell re: the L'Occitane shower gel. I hate falling in love with expensive products but feel the need to have one to alternate with the "regular" items to make me feel better.

    I've only ever used the Cetaphil cleanser on my face but you are a genius using it for the body.


    1. YAAAAAY indeed!!! I really DID love that L'Occitane shower stuff. I think our local department store is running a L'Occitane GWP so I'll check that out and I can almost justify the splurge :)


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