31 August, 2012

The Body Shop Lily Cole Collection - my picks

The Body Shop always draws me in with their window displays.  This time it was their new LE Lily Cole makeup collection with its soft spring palette of peach, pink and lilac - right up my alley!

UK model Lily Cole is the new brand advocate for The Body Shop and the face of their Against Animal Testing campaign (I am aware that while The Body Shop brand do not use animal products and don't test on animals they are owned by L'Oreal who do have question marks over their cruelty-free status - just making you aware of that just in case you didn't already know).

Getting back to point of this post, what did I choose?  Whilst I played with the rather cutely packaged Puff On Radiance highlighting pearls in store,  I passed it over - because I found the fluffy puff applicator just too messy - in favour of these other spring inspired products:

L - R:
 Shimmer Cubes Palette: 24
Lip & Cheek Dome: 21 Crazy for Coral

 Shimmer Cubes Palette:  24
 Shades clockwise from top left:
  Think Pink, Live Lilac, Tint it Pink, Go Violet

Swatched L - R:
Tint it Pink, Go Violet, Think Pink, Live Lilac
These soft pink/lilac shimmer cube colours are sooo pretty and I especially like Think Pink and Live Lilac!  Okay, admittedly the pigmentation is medium at best but I'd happily use these just for a casual wash of all over lid colour.  The cubes are very generous as each holds 3.5g of colour which means they will probably last me forever... The other feature I like is the cubes are separately sealed so I can toss just 1 or 2 into my makeup bag which makes them very travel friendly.

Lip & Cheek Dome:  21
 Crazy for Coral
Don't you just love a good gimmick?  I still do!  This was the no-brainer, knew I was going to get it all along, purchase.  When I first saw the Lip & Cheek Dome on a UK beauty blog months ago I immediately thought, "How novel! How cute! Must have that!!"  Guess that's because we STILL haven't got Maybelline's Dream Bouncy blushes down here!!!   The SA tried a little on my cheeks instore and I loved how creamy it felt and how well it blended.  It's not shimmery so it's quite natural and subtle, and another cute and casual weekend product.  It doesn't have a discernible scent or taste, and it applies quite matte on the lips.  I feel a bit weird with matte peachy lips personally so I'll apply a gloss over the top.  This is another travel-friendly product and is securely packaged with a clear plastic screw top lid.

These products are both LE and are available from Body Shop stores and online until the end of September.  The Shimmer Cubes palettes are $40.95AUD and the Lip & Cheek Domes are $28.95AUD each.

Have you checked out the Lily Cole Collection?

Until next time.

Vita :)


  1. I love your picks! The eye shadows are gorgeous.

    PS the bouncey blushes are fantastic! I seriously have no idea why maybelline havent released them.

    1. Thanks!:) The shimmer cube eyeshadows are soft and easy for everyday wear. And...One of these days I'll get a bouncy blush - just to say I've tried one!

  2. That dome is so cute, omg. And separately packaged cubes? MORE CUTENESS, haha! I never pay attention to The Body Shop here, except for a toner that I use (on Liz's rec, haha). I probably should!

    1. If you like uber cute, but not cheap and tacky packaging then a trip to TBS is in order Larie! I can NEVER walk out of there empty handed because there's always something new and lovely to try - I swear!

  3. I've never tried TBS makeup, though the cheek dome did have me curious. It's adorable! I think Shu Uemura also had similar cheek domes this past year. Great picks!

    1. Ooo-eee! You can understand why I wanted the Lip & Cheek Dome! I'm a bit surprised you've not tried TBS makeup, but then again I know you've got luxe taste - so have I lately...


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