28 October, 2013

My mascara medley: Bourjois, Lancome, ModelCo, Rimmel

A little long while ago I was asked to do a post on my current mascaras - Liz you've done it again! Even though I probably have around 10 or so mascaras in my collection I try not to have too many tubes of mascara open at any time because of their limited lifespan and I don't want to have to toss out a bundle of underused mascara after 3 to 6 months.  As a rule I keep my open mascaras down to the bare minimum of having just one for each different purpose - although funnily enough I have two waterproof on the go at the moment.

 To give you an idea of my needs when it comes to mascara I have naturally long lashes so my needs are not lengthening, but thickening, definition, waterproof coverage and curling when the desire takes me. So, do I have an opinion when it comes to mascara? It turns out that I do! Okay, here are the four mascaras I've been using of late.

I'll run through these from left to right as presented above.  I've realized after photographing the wands that I committed the beauty sin of not thoroughly wiping down the wands first so they may look a little on the gunky side - sorry! I'll admit to the lazy habit of wiping my mascara excess off on the side of the tube rather than using a tissue - sorry again!
Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Eyes Waterproof
This is my most recent mascara purchase as I wanted something, ANYTHING from Lancôme's recent Alber Elbaz collection.  I've used Lancôme mascaras before and I just love how they excel at defining my lashes although I baulk at the expense of something so short-lived. I generally only buy them when Lancôme has special gift deals, or when I'm buying overseas or duty-free.  That means - not often! 
Now this mascara has rekindled my love for Lancôme because, yes, it does a perfectly clump-free job of defining my lashes so they have an almost spidery look.  The unusually shaped brush makes it easy for me to get into the inner corner lashes with the tapered end, and give the outer lashes a flourish with the longer bristles at the base of brush.  Some might find the brush a challenge to work with because you need to twist your wrist to get the brush into the optimal position but I personally haven't had issues with that.  The waterproof formula stands up to my usual challenges of gym workouts and running too. 
Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Curl Mascara
I got my Bourjois as a part of a drugstore gift pack and I had no expectations of it but now I completely and utterly love it!  The formula is so lovely and creamy, gliding onto the lashes without any clumps at all.  I don't know if there is such a thing as a moisturising mascara but this feels as though it is moisturising my lashes somehow - my research tells me this is probably due to the soft, flexible waxes in the formula. 
The curved, medium length bristle brush is very easy to use and my lashes are most definitely headed skywards after twirling this through them.  The formula does a wonderful job of thickening my lashes too. 
Rimmel 100% Waterproof Mascara 
Rimmel usually do a pretty decent job for drugstore mascara too and this is my second tube of their 100% Waterproof mascara.  This is my waterproof workhorse mascara and I'll wear it most days of the week because it does a reasonably good job of thickening my lashes, doesn't budge through the toughest workout and it's a steal at around $12.  It's certainly good enough for everyday wear as a daytime mascara and is not crunchy on the lashes despite being waterproof.
What I'm less enthused about is the brush - specifically the one from my latest tube.  Can you see the gap in the bristles above?  What's going on with that? Somehow it slipped through quality control I think.  Me being me, I wasn't going to throw it out without using it and I didn't fancy my chances on a refund so I'll use it up and move on.
ModelCo Fibre LashExtend Mascara
I think this mascara was a magazine freebie.  The formula contains fibres - which I think you can just see on the brush above - to thicken and lengthen the lashes for a "false lash effect". 
Despite all the positive reviews I've read I honestly don't like this mascara and it's going to be the first of these 4 mascaras you'll see popping up in an empties post - and that's not just because I got it for free (full price is around $28 by the way)!  The fibre-rich formula is thick alright, thick and gloopy and makes combing through the lashes with the wand feel more like dragging.  I also found the formula lends itself to clumping easily too.  The brush is standard and while I noticed thicker lashes I didn't notice a dramatic difference in length.  Perhaps if I'd applied multiple coats I may have seen a difference but I'm not such a mascara fiend when it comes down to it.  On the plus side I didn't notice any fibre fallout so it could have been worse I guess.
So there you have it.  What are your favourites and fails when it comes to mascara?  Let me know - especially what your favourite thickening mascaras are!  It looks like I'm on the market for a new one...
Until next time.


  1. My favourites so far - BadGal Lash by Benefit Cosmetics fab for thickening, L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Excess - great lengthening AND NO CLUMPS! And finally Lancome Hypnose Baby Doll Eyes (is that what it's called???) Long and luscious lashes. :)

    1. It sounds like you know your mascaras Norlin!

      I need to check if I have a tube of the L'Oreal because I remember buying something from the Volume Million range although I can't remember exactly which one it was! The Benefit interests me too - I'm about to open a tube of Benefit's They're Real mascara next after reading all the raves!

  2. I can't say I have a favourite mascara as such, I always have far too many on the go and couldn't pick one though I do have a thing for the Covergirl Clump Crusher mascara. It adds good volume and length but still looks natural.
    I hate fibre mascaras, the ones I have tried always irritate my eyes.

    1. Covergirl have a great reputation for drugstore mascaras so that doesn't surprise me at all to hear it's one of your faves. Somehow I feel very lucky the fibres didn't shed or irritate my eyes!

  3. I love the Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes - and now, Lancome Hypnose Star. These are the only 2 Lancome mascaras I love. The others are complete fails on my straight thin short lashes. Dior and Estee Lauder ones are really good, and I also love Maybelline ones :-)

    1. I agree with you on all brands Lily!

      I've loved EL, Dior and Maybelline also. Diorshow has been a repurchase for me and I love EL MagnaScopic. Hypnose Star is the next prestige brand mascara on my list for when I want to splurge :)

  4. I'm not much of a mascara girl. I like DRAMA with lashes, so if I do wear mascara, it has to be the BOOM volume sort. However, most mascaras smudge like CRAZY on me - the only kind that lasts all day without smudging is the tubing kind! So that's what I use now.

    1. I've heard of tubing mascaras but never tried one myself. The idea of the mascara sliding off your lashes like that during removal intrigues me! I know Australian beauty brand Mirenesse is famous for its tubing mascara so I really should look into it ;)

  5. I don't know, Lancome mascaras are just ok for me. Bourjois Mascaras are fantastic I agree! I have one right now-the 2 step one- and love it!

    1. The Bourjois mascara I have is so lovely - I will definitely try more from their range!

  6. I LOVE Lancome mascaras and I'm not the biggest fan of Lancome lately. They Hypnose stuff works for me. I love fibre mascaras too so that ModelCo would probably work for me. I prefer the Clinique Lash Power though because the brush is a great size for my eyes and it's quite affordable.

    Thanks for obliging me yet again, lol!

    1. My pleasure Liz, although it took me a while to get around to it!

      I really want to try Lancôme Hypnose Star next time I choose Lancôme :)

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