27 March, 2014

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat: Bubble Plum

I remember when I thought smooth and glossy was the only way to go with polish but I have really embraced textured polish in a big way these days.  Sally Hansen got in on the act a few months ago with their (unfortunately) all too limited edition range of Sugar Coat polishes.  When they originally released I passed them over, only buying 2 shades when they'd already started to disappear from stands.  I'm actually kicking myself now for hesitating because my first impressions as posted here are really positive. 

Bubble Plum is a matte pink-purple (or purple-pink) which obviously brings bubble gum to mind but I also think it's a good candidate for a variation on Pantone's colour of the year Radiant Orchid.   Two coats applied really easily and precisely, and dried down quickly to reveal the textured finish.  Because there's no sparkle or glitter it looks like a crazy coloured concrete render job on my nails but I really fell in love with it. I was expecting removal to be challenging but it was extremely easy, and much the same as a more conventional polish.

I'd really love to see this finish in dark autumnal shades like burgundy, navy blue or a regal purple too.

Until next time!


  1. So pretty!
    I actually purchased this polish (and the mint green one) for $3 each at Priceline. Left them in the bag in the boot of my car when I went out for dinner and they exploded! Luckily only into the bag but I was really sad to lose the pretty polishes :(

    1. OMG that sounds so bizarre! The only thing more bizarre than that was a bottle of fermented orange juice which exploded in my son's backpack! Not fun at all :(

  2. I'm not usually into this textured polish trend, but I recently bought one that actually wasn't too bad. It's a weird feeling though, running your fingers over the nail surface.

    1. It feels like render or something like that doesn't it!

      I know I keep marvelling at how much fun I'm getting out of wearing these textured polishes cos at first I was 100% dubious about the whole concept - now it's almost a drawcard for me!


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