01 March, 2014

Nails Inc: We ♡ Ita

Another old Limited Edition nail polish is the star of this post and it's from UK brand Nails Inc. I don't have many Nails Inc polishes because until recently they've been an online only proposition here in Australia and for some reason (call me old-fashioned I suppose) I prefer to see my colour choices in the flesh before I buy them.  Okay there is one notable exception and it just happens to be a Nails Inc: the stunning, obsession inducing cobalt blue Baker Street, previously posted here.

Back onto the polish of the day.  This one was a freebie score from Australian magazine Cleo and I think I've had it sitting on my bedside table for 18mths tempting/taunting me to wear it.  The unusual name We ♡ Ita makes sense when you find out that Ita Buttrose was the founding editor of Cleo. This vibrant neon orange cream was named in her honour and probably represents her feistiness in setting up the then ground breaking magazine which left no taboo untouched.  Enough of the Australian media lesson!

Onto the pics - colours like this always freak out the camera but anyway...



Until next time!


  1. I LOVE this colour! Too bad that it was limited edition. >:(

  2. Nails Inc are available at David Jones now though? In the flesh for you! Love this shade, and love Ita

    1. I didn't know that! That's probably because I've been avoiding the temptation of beauty counters over the last few months. I'll edit the post now! :)


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