01 April, 2014

Sasatinnie: SPN117

I'm back to shorter nails again so I feel freer to experiment with fun colours like this cute blue from Asian beauty superstore Sa Sa's own brand Sasatinnie.
SPN117 is a vivid primary shade of blue which takes me back to my childhood playing with poster paint - do you remember funny little things like that?  Given the tiny bottle and brush I had no trouble applying this polish and achieved good even coverage in two coats.  There was no ugly blue staining with this baby either when I removed it which is always a relief when taking the risk with blue nail polish.
Pictures taken in cloudy conditions:
  Finally just look at the cute heart shaped bottle!
I bought four of these little cuties in Hong Kong last year - now I'm looking forward to wearing the other three!
Until next time


  1. How pretty! I love this blue, it's so bright!

  2. Oooh, super cute! I love the creamy opaque shades!Especially blues!

    1. It was just so FUN to wear! Contrary to having the blues this is such a happy shade I think!

  3. I adore bright blues like this, so beautiful!

  4. Replies
    1. Isn't it just! I love blues like this one for that very reason! :)


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