04 June, 2014

May's farewelled products (and beauty diet update)

I was less voracious about emptying products in May so this will be a reasonably speedy post.  I can practically hear you all heaving a collective sigh of relief...
Skin care
47) Montagne Jeunesse Passion Peel-Off Masque - I enjoy the ease of using a peel-off mask for deep cleaning my skin without needing to wash it all off afterwards and these single use sachets are highly portable and just fun you know?
48) Milk Beauty Wipes (25 wipes) - I discovered these HG beauty wipes last year and I was always going to repurchase. To recap:  these are extra large, alcohol and paraben free, and are heavily textured on one side for exfoliation.
49) Simple Refreshing Facial Wash Gel  (50 ml) - I always say this is a no-frills cleanser, but inevitably and without exception it's the only cleanser I buy for travel. It does the job gently and effectively and the 50ml tube lasts for a good few weeks!
50) Chanel Precision Ultra Correction Lift Eye Cream (2 x 3ml sample tubes) - On the one hand I can't believe these two little tubes got me through a month!  On the other hand...Chanel promises minimized puffiness and dark circles with this cream but seriously I don't know that I noticed any real difference apart from softer skin.  A sensory pleasure only.

Hand and body care
51) Yes to Carrots Hand & Elbow Cream (6.76oz/191g) - I'm sure this gargantuan hand cream has been discontinued because it's no longer on the Y to C website.  I really liked it too although it had an unusual scent which my husband strongly disliked - I had to move it from the bedside table to the office desk where it kept moisturizing my hands for months.
Now for this month's beauty diet empties.  Anissa and Norlin  are still at it too and another beauty obsessed blogger is about to join our support group very soon.   Now I admit sometimes the beauty diet does get tough going for me with all of those limited edition releases out there (and all those expertly styled pictures on social media) but so far so good!
52) Estee Lauder Crystal Lipstick (Crystal Cherry) - This was a very flattering glossy cherry red lipstick but unfortunately prone to bleeding.  I ended up using it as more of a soft lip stain to make it work for me.
53) Nude by Nature Natural Mineral Cover (Light Skin Tones) - This mineral powder foundation provides a natural looking soft matte coverage but definitely needs a primer to get the best results and longevity of wear.  Once I figured that out I grew to really like it.  Click here for a detailed review.
54) She Pure Magic Primer (30ml) - You know I bought this to wear beneath the Nude by Nature and it's the first primer I've ever tried.  It's a strange mousse textured product but it blended in smoothly to mattify the skin and hold my makeup in place.  I know this sounds contradictory but if I could change one thing it would be to make this perhaps a little more moisturising (I'm guessing?) because I noticed it emphasised dry patches on the tops of my cheeks from time to time. Since I've moved on to another product that hasn't been an issue.
55) Benefit They're Real! Mascara - Mostly this is great stuff! I love the brush because it gets right down into the lashes and the thickening, lengthening and hardwearing formula.  My gripe is this is absolutely hell to take off! Stubborn is the word that comes to mind when I think of this mascara but I still love it anyway.
 MAC Amplified Lipstick (Molassie) - This brown lipstick has been sitting in my cupboard for years and I've finally let it go. I don't know how I got talked into buying this but I bought brown - and such a caca brown at that - because it never worked for me.  A brown lip hasn't worked for me since the '90's!  I've even toyed with the idea of using this as a cream contouring product but then I decided I'm not prepared to work that hard and admit defeat.  This is much better put to use as a Back 2 MAC swap for a more flattering lipstick!
Until next month's empties!


  1. I hear ya - you just have to admit defeat after keeping an unused product for years. I'm the same...I take a while. Well done on the empties/beauty diet. :)

    1. Thanks! It's been a bit of a challenging month on the beauty diet with all the LE collections (Dior and MAC have some doozies out at the moment) but I'm still at it!

  2. Love your empties post, you always have makeup products :) I really wanna try they are real ..

    1. Go for it! I'm sure you can find some half-used things in your collection you've been meaning to finish :)

  3. Hahaha at the brown lipstick! And I agree about Benefit They're Real-SO hard to get off! It's too bad as I did like that one a lot!

    1. Yeah the MAC SA gave me bad service on that day! Lol

      I still like They're Real but I know there's a good chance I'll wake up with mascara residue under my eyes the next day no matter how thoroughly I try to remove it!!!

  4. Yes! Back to MAC! No reason to keep it if you can put it toward a fresh tube :D

    1. I'm pretty sure I have enough empties to go back 2 MAC now - although I think I'll keep that up my sleeve for a rainy day. Besides, I don't know how I justify adding another MAC lippy to the collection right now on my beauty diet?! I have to think about that one!

  5. Doing well, Vita, doing well! I think polishing off a mineral powder justifies throwing away at least 10 old lipsticks, lol.


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