13 June, 2014

Beauty wishlist shopping and first impressions

I haven't done a beauty shopping post in aaaaages! AAAAAGES!!!
Haul posts are few and far between for me this year because of my beauty diet (my "2 makeup items out for every new item in" thing) and while this looks like one big haul it's all of my collective shopping efforts over the last few months.  These are items I've been selectively shopping for from my beauty wishlist as rewards for sticking to my beauty diet - PLUS two birthday gifts thrown in.  My sneaky husband checked out my wishlist didn't he!
So this is quick run through of the wishlist items I ticked off my list and some first impressions.  Me being me, I've organised products by category.  Lordy, I do like to sort things...


I bought these two Hourglass items on separate shopping expeditions:

 Veil Mineral Primer had been on my wishlist from the beginning and I actually ended up buying this out of genuine need (I know, that sounds ridiculous doesn't it for a beauty blogger/hoarder!) because I didn't - did NOT - have a backup primer in my collection.  So yes, I've been straight into this bottle from the moment I bought it and so far it's not too bad.  I'm finding this performs differently under different bases and, sure it reduces redness, provides a smooth base for makeup so there's no dry patches and holds everything there for the day, but I don't find it consistently controls shine the way I expected it to.  It's a good but not HG primer so I can see myself researching the subject of primers again once I finish the bottle.  Don't get me wrong here - I really do like it, I just don't hands down loooove it the way I'd expected to. I don't know, maybe my expectations are too high because of the price ($79AUD) or because I'm still a primer newbie.  I'll let you know if I change my mind about this of course!

My Ambient Lighting Blush in Mood Exposure is my most recent buy and a recent addition to my wishlist too.  I'd fallen in love with these at first sight on social media, then heard they were overhyped, then decided I did want a glowy blush after all so onto the wishlist they went! I was always thinking I was going to go for one of the brighter shades like Radiant Magenta but swatching instore and my autumn/winter state of mind convinced me that Mood Exposure may not look inviting in the pan...

...but it's really something else on the skin.  This apparently brown swirl translates to a very natural looking glowing autumn plum on the skin and perfect for the colder months.  The warmth of this shade works with my yellow undertones and doesn't make me look bruised as cooler plum shades can. 


My husband surprised me with the tube of Chanel Le Volume De Chanel mascara as one of my birthday gifts!  I was intrigued by the hype around this mascara - I normally avoid spending $$$ on mascara because of the shelf-life - but after using this a few times I do get what the fuss is about.  I love the soft, rubbery brush, the creamy formula, the instant volume and the softness of my lashes. 

I developed an obsession with cobalt eyeliner a few months ago and after a bit of research and some swatching Lancôme Artliner 24H in the vibrant shade Sapphire went straight to the top of my wishlist.  The colour is a true vibrant cobalt blue to satiate my obsession and it glides on with the precision felt tip and the waterproof formula stays on ALL DAY through all activities.  There are so many other gorgeous and unusual shades in this line that I wouldn't mind buying at some stage - if I can convince myself that I am proficient at using liquid eyeliner.  I'm not bad but I still can't excel at the winged flick! Hmmph.


These two lip colours look like they were always meant to be together.  It's just one of those wonderful coincidences:

Tom Ford Lip Color in Pink Dusk was another birthday present from my thoughtful man.  I'm a little surprised by how nude this is and not pink at all in my book but I do like how it looks on me as it doesn't wash me out like some beige nudes can.  It's that wonderful TF creamy lipstick formula that I love so much too so of course I'm happy with that! I can never have too many of these lipsticks. Really.

I was originally after one of Ellis Faas' Hot Lips wands but treated myself to Glazed Lips (L308) instead because of the flattering nude sheen.  I've worn this a few times now (yes over TF Pink Dusk too) and while I obviously like the colour and shine I don't know that I necessarily love the twist up mechanism and the brush tip dispenser - I still end up twisting just that little bit too much so it ends up flooding the brush and making for a potential mess.  I need to play a bit more with this product I think.


So that's everything I've shopped for since April! My latest temptation is Guerlain's Terracotta Sun Celebration Bronzing Powder and Blush 30th Anniversary Edition if I can empty two more makeup items in time.  I may have even missed this already!

If you want to see a detailed review and swatches of any of the items featured here please let me know in the comments.  I've avoided it here because it would have ended up a very longwinded post.  This was supposed to be a quick run through but you know how it happens...



  1. Drooooools! Oh, I think this is the way to do a haul - finish up a crap tonne of things first. You've talked me into swatching that Hourglass blush ASAP, although it may look as if it might clash with my skin tone.

    Have you tried the Hourglass primer with the SilkyGirl BB powder? Together they are magnificent.

  2. This is a 100% guilt-free haul!!! Yay!!! It's a really strange and wonderful feeling...

    I need to try the SilkyGirl and Hourglass combo you're suggesting - something tells me you'll be right because this primer definitely performs better under powder bases.

  3. Mood exposure looks like a lovely blush!

    1. I'm very pleased with it because it looks so natural :)

  4. NICE! I keep thinking I should try one of the Hourglass Blushes too. As a blush fiend it's my duty to see if they're worth it, right? :P
    I have Pink Dusk too-I think it was my first TF lipstick. I love it. It's the perfect nude pink.

    1. You must do your duty Tracy! As a blush fiend I implore you! Lol
      Well...at least swatch a few and see what you think. Knowing that you love your glowy blushes I'd be surprised if nothing takes your fancy actually!

      Funny how in my mind Pink Dusk was more PINK but I'm not disappointed at all because it's my perfect shade of nude :)

  5. I need to try a TF lipstick, apparently :P

    1. Apparently - well absolutely - you DO!!!

  6. What a haul, and well-deserved too! I love the look of Mood Exposure, such a gorgeous neutral looking blush that I bet would look great with your new lip products!

    1. It's almost as though I'd planned a total look but this is just how the shopping panned out over the past few months - you need to try Mood Exposure yourself if you're after a winter neutral!


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