03 March, 2016

Sportsgirl Nail It! polish: Speckled Lilac

After my last rather wordy piece I wanted to lighten it up a bit around here with a pretty little nail polish post!

Now that I'm focusing on Cruelty Free products I've been digging through my nail polish collection on a mission and finding some hidden gems like this one from Australian fashion chain Sportsgirl.  I often go looking through Sportsgirl's bargain baskets for discounted polishes and that's how I ended up buying Speckled Lilac.  This polish melds the prettiest lilac creme with a rainbow mix of glitter which remind me of candy sprinkles, known fondly as "100s & 1000s".  This polish was very easy to apply and looked perfect in two coats.  Sadly, the fact that I found this in the bargain basket means it's discontinued. On the upside, Sportsgirl continue to roll out wonderful affordable Cruelty Free polishes so that will give me an excuse to visit their counter again!

All pictures taken in indirect daylight

And just in case you haven't seen 100s & 1000s...

That's enough eye candy for now!

Cruelty Free: Yes 
Vegan: U/K
Certified Organic: No

Until next time.

(This product was purchased by me.) 


  1. I love this! So cheerful, and it looks like a great formula! Those specks are fabulous, definitely puts me in mind of sweets and sprinkles and candies.

    1. Sweets or Easter treats I think! I might put this on again for Easter!

  2. I love the sportsgirl polishes. I have a pink one that smells like musk lollies which I'm obsessed with

  3. Sportsgirl come out with some real crackers in the beauty department don't they? I think I need to whip out my bottle of this soon!


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