09 August, 2011

REVIEW: Models Prefer Professional - Ultra Lipgloss Pencil

I bought myself an Ultra Lipgloss Pencil on a whim a few weeks ago when I was browsing through the Models Prefer Professional stand at Priceline so I thought I'd share my first impressions with you. I chose a shade called Perfectly Polished which is a golden terracotta.

Ultra Lipgloss Pencil (Perfectly Polished)

From the texture and wear of this chubby lipgloss pencil I'd say it's more of a glossy lipstick pencil than an actual lipgloss.  It's quite opaque and offers a lot of colour and coverage on the lips so you can definitely wear this alone instead of lipstick.  It's quite shiny on the lips but offers superior staying power and easily lasted me for a few hours (and my mid-morning coffee) before I felt I needed to top it up.   Bonus:  It doesn't bleed outside the lip-line, which is always a consideration for middle-aged me!

  • Great colour and coverage so a lipstick & gloss all in one
  • Shiny but not sticky on the lips
  • Doesn't bleed 
  • Easy to apply with precision because it's a pencil
  • No weird smell or taste
  • Moderately priced at around $9.99AUD

  • Limited range of colours - 6 in all - and all are variations on red end of the spectrum
  • You need to carry a pencil sharpener

Would I buy this again?
 Sure, I just wish they included some pink and nude variations in the range.

The Models Own Professional Series of products is available from Priceline stores across Australia.

Have you tried any Models Own Professional Series products?  Do you have any recommendations?

Until next time.

Vita :)


  1. great review :) I tried one of the eyeshaddow quads and i think it has nice pigmentation. It did crease after a few hours but that was fixed with a primer, so i was pretty happy with it, especially for the price!
    Grace xx

  2. I wish we had this line here! :) The color is really pretty, and I love the glossy look it has. Sounds lovely overall!

  3. @Grace - Are they the mineral eyeshadows? They looked pretty interesting.

    @Vintage Makeup - Models Prefer has a nice line of cosmetics. I'll have to check out some more!

  4. i dont think so, they were in a compact and had 4 different strips of colour, they were on sale :D

  5. I think I know what quad Grace is talking about.

    I saw these too, awesome colours but all too bold for my liking - I'm a boring girl, what can I say?

  6. I have this but in the shade Drama Queen, which is the most BEAUTIFUL fuchsia with fuchsia glitter. :D

  7. @Grace & @reeree - you've got me more intrigued! Haha!

    @SilhouetteScreams - I'm going to check that shade out more closely cos I love fuschia :)


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