02 August, 2011

REVIEW: Products farewelled in July

After June's paltry effort I can't believe I managed to finish 13 products in July...

Because I don't want this post to be ridiculously long by doing full reviews on 13 products I'll do quick and dirty reviews this month.  Picking up where I left off, my empties tally for the year was 33 as at the end of June.

 Skin care products

34) L'Oreal Gentle Make-up Remover for Eyes & Lips (125ml)
My third bottle for the year and I'm continuing to use this product for removing my makeup.   Click here for my full review.

35) Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Protective Emulsion SPF15 (75ml/2.5 fl.oz.) 
My second bottle for the year and sadly my last for a little while - at least until we pay off our upcoming holiday...  If I wasn't on a budget at the moment I'd continue to use this range because it's been effective at halting the progress of pigmentation on my face and sinks beautifully into my skin.  For my original review click hereI'm currently trying out the Body Shop's new Shiso Whitening range as a more budget-friendly alternative.

36) Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Cleansing Foam (125ml/4.7oz)
This soft foaming cleanser lasted me absolutely ages because I don't use much and only do a full cleanse once a day.  It cleans my skin really gently and does not feel the slightest bit drying. As with the protective emulsion though it's not on my shopping list at the moment purely because of the price.  Since I finished it I've been using my sample products as you're about to see.

37) Shiseido Benefiance creamy cleansing emulsion (30ml/1oz travel size - gift with purchase)
This creamy cleanser felt truly indulgent on my skin and my skin actually felt moisturised after rinsing it off.  Rich formula but very good for sensitive winter skin.  Like all Shiseido skincare products this had a really nice scent too.  Loved this, would consider buying a full size some time in future.

38) Gaia Pink Grapefruit & Jasmine foaming cleanser (50ml/1.7oz trial size)
I  got this as a freebie in a Priceline sample bag.   This foaming cleanser is formulated for sensitive skin and is soap and sulphate free.  It had a really zingy fragrance which I liked and was a wake up for my face in the morning.  The formula was only lightly foaming and left my skin feeling a little slippery so I had to be a bit zealous about rinsing.  An OK product but I wouldn't rush to buy it for myself.

39) Sunsense Anti-Ageing Face moisturising lotion SPF 30 (100ml)
I used this because I'm careful about protecting my skin but I really didn't like it at all.  Too greasy for me, a very thick white lotion - ghost face anyone? - that was too strong for my skin, sometimes making it sting.  I won't buy this again and wouldn't recommend it to anyone with sensitive skin.

 Body and hand care products

40) OPI Polish Remover (non-oily, moisturizing formula)
My fifth bottle for the year and counting.  For my original review click here.

41) OPI Drip Dry drops
My second bottle for the year and I'm now onto my third. A bit pricey but it works.  See here  for my original review.

42) Garnier Body Tonic sugar scrub (200ml)
I use this zingy scrub once or twice a week in the shower.  Not as good as my old favourite L'Oreal Exfotonic (no longer available in Australia) but still a nice way to exfoliate.  The flip-top tube is also easy manoeuvre in the shower.  Yep, I've bought another one.


43) OPI - Kiss the Bride
My old neutral shade.  Click here to see the swatch post.

44) YSL Touche Eclat
My third for the year.  I have one last tube I bought for a bargain price at Zuza but I'm currently trying some more budget-friendly options from L'Oreal and Revlon (I'll have to do a post on these soon).  For my original review see here.

45)  MAC Powerpoint eye pencil (Duck)
The perfect grey/brown eyeliner for me.   I love this colour because it goes with everything and can be subtle or have a lot of impact depending on how heavy-handed I want to be.  Even though they're not cheap MAC pencils prove to be pretty good value because they're so long lasting, don't require sharpening after every second use and they last me over a year.  One of my makeup bag essentials, I've already bought a replacement.

46) MAC Lustre lipstick (Lustering)
My perfect pink for every day of the year.  Sad to see her go, but there's always a new MAC shade to be tried. This lipstick case is my 6th MAC empty so it's time for me to go 'back 2 MAC' and get a free lippy of my own choice! To see a swatch click here.

Okay, that's it for another month.  If you want me to do a full review on any of the above products where I haven't already done so, feel free to let me know in the comments.

Until next time.

Vita :)


  1. Good on you! I've never finished a bottle of nail polish, and I don't think I ever could.

    And YAY for back 2 mac! I'm still collecting for mine :D

  2. great post! i didnt finish ANYTHING this month! but i am nearing the end of a few things, so maybe next month. good on you for finishing a nail polish, i have ones sitting in my drawers from years ago, i dont think i have ever actually finished a polish....oops...
    Grace xx

  3. @reeree - I think this will be the last bottle of polish I finish for the rest of the year!!!LOL

    @Grace - Don't feel bad about not finishing your polish bottles - it takes a lot of discipline and YEARS to finish a bottle. :)

  4. I've never finished a lipstick, only glosses! I think my first B2M is just going to consist of Brush Cleaner bottles, since I go through those like crazy.

  5. @Silhouette Screams - Sometimes it feels like I eat lipsticks because I've used up so many over the years.


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