18 July, 2011

An old OPI: Kiss The Bride

Please indulge me a little with this post.

The colour I'm going to share with you isn't particularly interesting or spectacular but it has sentimental value for me.  I wore OPI's Kiss The Bride to my 40th birthday dinner a few years ago (make that 5 but I'm not counting), and it's going to be the first OPI polish I've used to the bottom of the bottle! 

Kiss The Bride is an old black label OPI from their Sheer Romance Bridal Edition Collection released way back in 2003.  This is a sheer pastel apricot with gold shimmer.  It's a warm toned alternative for French manicures and a bit more interesting than sheer pink.  This is two coats:

Outdoors, cloudy

Full sun

Thanks for reading!  I promise more colourful and interesting posts soon.

Vita :)


  1. That's really pretty! I think It would be perfect for going over reds. I'm jealous of your nails :)

  2. Ciao Bella,

    Please stop by my blog if you have the time... I have a BIG surprise for you there.

    Hugs & Kisses

  3. So pretty and elegant. Your nails are in such good condition!

  4. @Vintage Makeup - I can't believe I'd never thought to use this as a layering polish - EVER!

    @Shelley - OK, shall pop over soon.

    @Haute_Style - Thank you! xxx - It's using a glass file to shape my nails that seems to have made the most difference to their condition.


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