26 July, 2011

L'Oreal Resist & Shine Titanium #737

This L'Oreal nail polish shade is non-descriptively called 737.  Actually it sounds a bit like a plane really...

I grabbed it from the discount bin at the chemist a few months ago because it's an interesting take on black.  This vampy polish is black with an antique gold shimmer which only reveals itself in full sun and very bright light.  I was a little disappointed it wasn't more obvious.  See what you think:

Outdoors - the shimmer is more apparent in the bottle

Lamplight - you can see the glow here

I'm a little tired so I'll keep this short and sweet.  Nothing more to say really.

Until next time.

Vita :)


  1. Ooh a nice winter colour! I'm tired too. Well, never too tired to look at nail polish :-D

  2. I actually like this polish a lot, it looks very different not a regular color for sure... I tagged yu for an award or two :-P

  3. @Leanne - Thanks! :)

    @Polish AMOR - Thanks for awarding me! xoxo

  4. Although the bottle just shows the number "737", the name of the colour is Black Khaki and this was released as part of the 7 bottle "Black Gloss Collection" in 2009.


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