25 July, 2011

Essence: Movie Star


I was digging around and found this little Essence polish back from my original haul way back in March (here).  It's the only one I hadn't already worn and the cool grey creme shade matched the skies last week perfectly.  This nail polish offers such good smooth coverage a single coat would have sufficed but I've applied my habitual two.  It dried super quickly and with a high gloss finish.  I loved wearing it to work last week and it drew lots of compliments too - this is definitely a great office-appropriate colour which isn't too safe and boring.  Onto the pics:


Outdoors - cloudy

I can't believe that these babies sell at only $2.95AUD, because the overall quality is right up there with some of the more expensive brands.  I just wish Essence was more readily available here in Australia and we had a better range of colours.  I've seen some amazing colours out there in the blogosphere that I desperately want to get my hands on.  In the meantime I'm on a mission to collect the entire range of these little bottles that are available at Priceline - Whew!  Enough raving for now.

Are you an Essence fan too?

Until next time.

Vita :)


  1. That's gorgeous! I prefer the color under lamplight. :) Oh by the way, Essence don't test on animals which is awesome!

  2. Hello!

    Your haul looks really great.
    If you don't mind please share it with our fashion haul community.

    Hope to see you around there!
    xoxo :)

  3. @Vintage Makeup - Excellent news that Essence loves bunnies! :)

    @Chichaul - shall check it out.

  4. Of course I'm a fan and this shade is awesome, I really have to buy it


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