17 July, 2011

Revlon: Pink in the Afternoon

 I hope you're enjoying your Sunday wherever you are.

These photos are from my archives, back before I started this blog.  The weather is cold and grey today but I was looking for something light and cheerful to post and an old Revlon polish by the name Pink in the Afternoon fit the bill nicely.  This vintage Revlon is a very wearable peachy pink shade with an icy shimmer finish which blends in with my skin tone,  pale but with a warm undertone. I suppose it's a bit 'safe' but I still think it's very pretty.  I remember this was another of my discount Revlon finds from a couple of years ago.  Unfortunately it's been discontinued.  

Full sun


Do you have a favourite nail polish shade that's been discontinued?

Until my next post.

Vita :)


  1. Rather like Orly Peach Parrot- very Betty Draper! Love!

  2. @Me, my best and I - Oooh, I've seen Peach Parrot, that looks lovely too! Does that mean these colours are having a revival then? xoxo


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