29 July, 2011

Yet another shattering shade: OPI - Turquoise Shatter

I thought I was done with the shatter polish fixation - and then I saw OPI's new range, and was instantly smitten with Turquoise Shatter.

This is the most gorgeous metallic turquoise that would stand on it's own as a 'normal' full coverage polish.  The idea of this as a shatter was definitely seductive to me and I just couldn't resist.  I thought this would be a great partner for my silver Bionic mani and I was really pleased with the look:

I think this would make a great summer pedicure on (fake) tanned feet.

That's all for now.  Have a wonderful weekend - mine's gonna be short.  I've got to fly to Brisbane on Sunday for an early Monday workshop.

Vita :)


  1. Oooh this is absolutely gorgeous!

    I've left a super long comment for your question, check it out xo

  2. @reeree - Thanks, I'm heading over there right now!!

  3. That's a gorgeous shutter colour, it really looks great over the silver.

    And have fun at Brisbane, even if it is just for work, it's definitely warmer there than Melbourne or Sydney...

  4. I saw this one layered on a different color and I was not liking it so much, this combination looks great!!!

  5. Now that is GORGEOUS! Please show it layered with other colours :)

  6. Ciao Bella,
    WOW.. what an awesomely pretty colour, I LOVE it!!
    I love how you combined it with silver under, it really stands out well.
    Have a really great weekend!!
    Hugs & Kisses,

  7. @Makeup and Macaroons - Thanks Lilit! 22 degrees is a lot more appealing than 16 so I'll try and thaw out a bit :)

    @Polish Amor - I absolutely love this combo myself!

    @Vintage Makeup - Shall do, I'm wearing a dark teal creme at the moment so I'll try it over that next - Any other particular suggestions?

    @Shelley - Thanks for the compliment. I agree this is an amazing combination. Happy weekend to you too!

  8. Love love love this combo! The colours look GREAT together!

  9. @Haute_Style - Thank you :) I just wish I could have kept it on longer!


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