02 July, 2011

REVIEW: Products farewelled in June

June's been a slow month as I managed to say 'Good bye' to only four beauty products.

Here's the rundown:

30) Lovely - Sarah Jessica Parker Eau de Parfum (50ml)
Another bottle of perfume I'll miss.  To my amateur nose this is a soft powdery floral scent, and wonderful for the warmer months.  According to the official sources this perfume is described as a "silky white amber". It doesn't surprise me that I love this because I'm always drawn to amber fragrances such as those by Prada and Stella McCartney. Lovely has notes of mandarin, bergamot, rosewood, lavendar, apple martini, patchouli, paper whites, orchid, cedar, white amber, musk and woods.  I'd definitely repurchase this.

31) Shiseido Benefiance Balancing Softener (30ml sample bottle)
I recently found this in one of my GWP's so I've been using it as a substitute for my Shiseido White Lucent Softener as part of my cleansing routine.

  • Gentle formula feels soothing on the skin
  •  Softens the skin to prepare it for further moisturising
  • Contains anti-aging ingredients
  • Has a pleasant mild fragrance
  • Lovely frosted glass packaging
  •  Price - Shiseido skin care is expensive if you use the full range
Would I buy this again?
I would definitely repurchase.

32) Avon Shine Supreme lip color (peach luster) - Discontinued
I can't do a pros and cons on this product because I hated it! One attempted use and now I'm tossing it out. I've never used such a tacky lip product.  The formula was so tacky it actually stuck to itself rather than my lips and left my lips with alternating lumps of colour and bald patches.  Nasty!  Glad it's been discontinued is all I can say about this product.

33)  Lancome Definicils mascara (black)
There are a few different of schools of thought as to how long you can safely use mascara before you need to replace it. The conservative view is 3 months particularly if you have sensitive eyes, the less conservative is 3-6 months.  I use this rule to suit myself - if it's a cheapy mascara and I don't love it I'll toss after 3 months without feeling guilty.  If it's more pricey and I love it then I'm gonna use it as long as I can - Definicils is in this category for me.

  • Defines and lengthens lashes without clumping
  • Great for every day wear as gives a natural lash look
  • Tapered brush makes it easy for the mascara to get right down to the roots
  • Doesn't irritate my eyes
  • Formula doesn't flake or smudge
  • Removes easily
  • Price -$52AUD
  • You need to apply several coats for extra volume
Would I buy this again?
Absolutely, although I'm watching my budget at the moment.

Until my next post.

Vita :)


  1. The avon lippie sounds terrible! I've felt the same about other products, I just throw them out as you did. I feel bad about wasting product though :)

  2. @Vintage Makeup - I don't like wasting products either. I'll usually try mixing colours, find another way to use something or gift it to someone who appreciates it. Not if it's a disaster like this of course!

  3. Glad to see you live the shiseido softener!

  4. @Bini - Definitely love the Shiseido skincare!


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