16 July, 2011

OPI: The Show Must Go On

Here's what my nails wore to out to a dinner date last weekend.

I chose The Show Must Go On, an amazing glass-flecked duo-chrome polish from OPI.  The Show Must Go On was released in OPI's 2010 Burlesque Collection, launched at the same time as the movie namesake starring Christina Aguilera and Cher.  This raspberry pink polish flashes orange as you move your hands around in the light.  I've done my best to try and capture this for you with these sunlight pics.

As you tilt the nails they lean towards orange...

...although in direct light they appear a deep raspberry pink shade.

Did you buy any shades from the Burlesque Collection?

Have a great weekend.

Vita :)


  1. I love this colour! It's such a gorgeous pink, and duochrome too!!

  2. @Cincly - Thanks! I just wish I'd bought the full sized bottle...


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