19 July, 2011

Haul post: Avon calling!

I normally restrict my Avon orders to toiletries.  Being a mum I love their large roll-on antiperspirants that sell for $1.99 on special!

My makeup experiences with Avon have been somewhat hit and miss and there have been some disastrous purchases over the years.  However recently there were a few offers that sounded a little too good to refuse and as a curious beauty blogger I thought I'd take the plunge and try some of their eye makeup products.  I bought an eyeshadow quad, self-sharpening eye pencil and waterproof mascara for a total $23AUD which sounded quite reasonable  - particularly the mascara which cost me a tiny $3AUD.

The eyeshadow quad reminds me of a few old Chanel palettes I've still got in my collection...

 Here's a closer view...

 True Color Eyeshadow Quad
(Purple Haze)

Glimmersticks Eye liner

Perfect Wear Long Lasting Mascara

I did a quick EOTD to road test these products and I found that while the eyeshadows weren't heavily pigmented they were quite buildable in their intensity, but the darker shades were a little difficult to blend after I'd applied them. As a result I ended up with a harder edged finish on my eye crease than I'd normally wear.  However, the eyeshadow stood the all-day wear test with no fading or creasing.

The eyeliner applied effortlessly and would not budge until I removed it at the end of the day - no risk of panda-eyes or smudging with this product.  The mascara did a reasonably good job of thickening my lashes, albeit slightly clumpy, and also due to the waterproof formula didn't budge until I was ready to take it off.  All in all I wasn't over the moon but I think these are reasonable products, and the durability of wear on these was excellent.

What's your experience with Avon products?

Until my next post.

Vita :)


  1. I love the look you created!! :) I've tried quite a lot of avon products, some were good, but they were mainly miss

  2. is not so much pigmented this eyeshadow palette :\

  3. i was always curious about avon shadows, but never enough to purchase :)

  4. @Vintage Makeup - It's always a risk when you don't try before you buy :(

    @Make-up Pleasure - I was a bit disappointed with the pigment. It looked so much better on the model in the brochure of course!

    @Lucy - These were average quality, nothing to get excited about unfortunately.

  5. im pretty sure i bouhgt that mascara to! i wasnt that impressed though. I also recently bought an avon eyeshaddow duo and it creased quickly, i was dissapointed, im glas you have had more success!!

  6. @Grace - try an eyeshadow primer first and see if that helps :)

  7. I like their nail polishes, the color range isn't big but some of the colors are pretty cool and long lasting at least on my nails :)


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