11 July, 2011

The trouble with nail stickers...

...is that sometimes they don't quite stick to your nails!!!  You can clearly see where the stickers are lifting away from the nails in the closeup below:

I bought these cute little jeweled nail stickers from Priceline a few months ago and thought they'd go perfectly over my Gosh - Ocean manicure.  Unfortunately I'd thrown out the packaging so I don't know the brand.  I peeled them from the backing and pressed them on my nail tips after the polish had dried.  It looks like maybe I should have trimmed them to fit my nails first but I think they still may have had trouble sticking.

Do any of you have ideas or tips on what application method I should try or is this just a failed product?

I'm looking forward to reading your comments.

That's all for now.

Vita :)


  1. Looks pretty, too bad they didn't stick properly. Maybe if you apply them before nail polish dried and then apply a top coat it would last and stick more?, don't know :)


  2. Those jewel looking amazing on your nails! I would also suggest applying a top coat between the jewels and your nails and press onto the jewels while the top coat dries up. I hope this works!

  3. Thanks for the tip ladies. I'll try the stickers BEFORE the polish is dried and see if it's any better xoxo

  4. i apply my stickers while the polish is still not completely dry and then i press it down with an orange stick. & apply two coats of top coat. it works perfect! you should try it!

  5. @McDiaz714 - Wet polish it is then. Thanks!

  6. You can also try a little bit of nail glue if you really want them to stick! but I definitely hear your pain they are sooo frustrating, especially when you get them caught in your hair owie!!!


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