10 July, 2011

NOTD: Gosh - Ocean

I bought some bottles of Gosh nail polish a couple of years ago from Zuza back when they stocked the Gosh range of cosmetics.  Although their website suggests they still sell Gosh, I can assure you that sadly they don't anymore in their Melbourne Central store at least...

Ocean is the first of the Gosh range polishes I decided to swatch.  I was expecting Ocean to be more of a true turquoise blue but it leans more toward the green end of the spectrum on my nails - of course it looks more blue tinged in the pictures and I just wish it looked that way IRL!  Its a very metallic finish and looks luminous in bright light.  This was two coats of colour.


Outdoors - cloudy

Do you have any Gosh polishes?  What's your opinion of them?

That's all for now.

Vita :)


  1. It's so pretty! I love how it looks blue in some lighting & green in other lighting. :)I really want to try Gosh products! I wish they sold them here.

  2. @Vintage Makeup - Yes, I was really disappointed Zuza stopped selling Gosh :(

  3. I have never tried gosh before, is it a European brand? I think I've heard it mentioned before on YouTube. Under lamplight it looks awesome!

  4. @Leanne - Gosh is European brand based in Denmark. I remember checking out the cosmetics in Zuza and they were all reasonably priced, the nail polish retailed for $15AUD. You can buy some of the cosmetics from StrawberryNET but they're not selling the nail polish unfortunately.

  5. i've never heard of gosh. this color is interesting, love how it looks different under different lights.

  6. I have a few GOSH polishes and I love them. It's an excellent brand, it's a shame that we don't have it in more european countries. I can only swap for them too. I heard that yeeeears ago we had them in Slovenia too, but of course it went out, like most of excellent brands here.

  7. @prettymom - Thanks, I'll see what more I can find out.

    @Ulmiel - That's a shame you can't get Gosh over in Slovenia either. I would have thought it was widely available in Europe especially if it's a good brand. Another European brand I've been loving is Essence but again it's a bit hit and miss finding it here in Ausralia :(


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