06 July, 2011

Layering skittles

Last Sunday I had the day all to myself so I decided to play with my Revlon Va Va Va Bloom manicure by doing some layering.  I couldn't decide which colour to use so I ended up with layered skittles...

 These are the polish shades I used for my little bit of fun. 
From left to right:  OPI - Princesses Rule!, China Glaze - White Cap, Inglot - 205, 
OPI - Significant Other Color, OPI - Silver Shatter

Here are close ups of each of the different finishes in order of thumb to pinky:

Silver Shatter

Significant Other Color

 Inglot 205

White Cap

Princesses Rule!

I loved the glossy flakie finish of Inglot 205 and the duochrome effect of OPI's Significant Other Color.

Which combo do you prefer?

Until my next post.

Vita :)


  1. These skittles all make a very pretty mani!

  2. The Inglot one looks fantastic!

  3. @thalie - thank you! I did it to cheer myself on a gloomy day and it worked :)

    @Emily - I agree with you. The Inglot flakie was my first choice. I'll have to do a full mani of that for sure!

  4. hey i love the inglot one ..

    I followed your blog sometime back ..totally adore your NOTDS ..super like ..
    I have just newly developed this love for makeup :) and wanted to share my blog with you..
    Would be happy if you check it and follow it if you like :)..


    loadsa love ..Saumya

  5. @Saumya - Glad to see we have similar taste. Will definitely check out your blog :)


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