31 July, 2011

OPI: Turquoise Shatter + Ski Teal We Drop

Sorry for not posting yesterday - I was really busy trying to cram my full weekend into one day - grocery shopping, laundry, off to see the last Harry Potter instalment at the movies with my family, then out to dinner.  Challenging as you can imagine!

This is a quick post to show you Turquoise Shatter over a dark cream shade.  I decided to try it over Ski Teal We Drop from OPI's Swiss Collection.  STWD is a deep teal cream and I thought this would provide a good base for a tone-on-tone look. 

The different shatter finish is really interesting.  To quote an old Australian candy bar commercial (for Violet Crumble bars I think?), "It's the way it shatters that matters..." and this shattered very differently from my last combo with the silver foil.  When Turquoise Shatter dried over STWD it produced a fault line style of cracking rather than the usual meshy effect.  See here:

Outdoors shade

Full sun

Which finish do you prefer?

Until next time - I'm off to the airport in a few minutes!

Vita :)


  1. wow, thats a weird shatter, ive never seen that before!! I love the blue, its really pretty against your skin tone.
    Grace xx

  2. @Grace - Thanks, I think this colour would be great as a solid colour all on its own :) I can't figure out why it shattered so differently - could be that I applied it more thickly or maybe it reacts differently over a cream??

  3. maybe try it again but with something different underneath, i have heard that the thicker the coat the smaller the shatter so maybe that was it. ohwell, still looks great!


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