01 August, 2011

OPI: Oh...to be 25 Again

Hi Everyone

I'm back at home and a bit tired from my whirlwind trip so I'll try and keep this post short.  I'm still on my vampy polish theme and this colour is an old limited edition OPI from their 25th Anniversary Collection.  I bought Oh...to be 25 Again years ago, when I was still too timid to go all the way and vamp it up with the deep aubergine Lincoln Park After Dark - now one of my favourites! 

Oh...to be 25 Again reminds me of blood plums or dried blood.  It's a superbly glossy, cream polish and a classic shade. Here's a lamplit picture to give you an idea of the warmth of this deep red polish:

Outdoors shade:

That's all from me tonight.  I've got a bit of catching up to do reading all your posts :)

Vita xoxo


  1. Oooh, this is classy and elegant.

    OMG, Butter London? WHY HAVE I NOT SEEN THEM ANYWHERE? You must tell me which pharmacy!


  2. this looks gorgeous, i love a nice blood red vampy shade!
    Grace xx

  3. @Veronica - Thanks :)

    @reeree - I can't remember the name of the pharmacy but it's located in the Mall near The Bodyshop. They also sell some really cute BYS shades.

    @Vintage Makeup - I'm glad you like it, I wore it to work last week :)

    @Grace - Thanks, nothing like vamping it up with blood red :)


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