03 August, 2011

OPI: Ski Teal We Drop

Hello :)

Here's another colour I enjoyed wearing last week.  Ski Teal We Drop is a deep teal creme polish from OPI's Swiss Collection released in 2010.  It's a very winter-appropriate shade, and although I wore this on the weekend I'm pretty sure it would be office-appropriate too.  It doesn't make too much of a statement, so it would go with any kind of outfit without being distracting.  Application of the polish was a breeze as usual...

Outdoors - no sun again - Sorry!


That's all for now.

Vita :)


  1. Gorgeous! :) This is my kind of shade.

  2. i love this blue, i only seem to have light blues and pastel blues in my polish collection, i think i need something like this!!
    Grace xx

  3. @Vintage Makeup - I'd love to see you trying these sorts of shades!

    @Grace - Teals and dark blues are great for winter and I seem to be wearing a lot of them!


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