30 August, 2011

Haul post: Lips, eyes & nails...

A few weeks ago the Australian online discount sales site Catch Of The Day held a 48 hour cosmetics sale.  My Hubby was kind enough to let me use his subscription to pick up a few things. 

My selections were:   OPI polish in Vodka and Caviar from the Russian Collection,  Revlon Colorburst Lipstick (Lilac) and L'Oreal Shadow Minerals eyeshadow (Gold).

I chose Vodka and Caviar because it looked like such a classic crimson red and it didn't disappoint when I ripped open the post pack.  It's a great mid-toned red that can be worn all year round. 

I've got a few Colorburst lippies creeping into my collection these days. I chose Lilac as I'll wear lilac and mauve lipstick shades as a more muted alternative to pink and I find they complement my natural lip colour.

Now, I haven't tried L'Oreal's Shadow Minerals before so I bought the gold shade just because I was curious and figured why not try some at the discounted price.  I'm not sure if this one's a winner because these little pots of loose eyeshadow can end up as a shimmery mess on me and I hate fallout!

Here are some quick swatches shown in natural daylight:
Have any of you tried these L'Oreal Shadow Minerals pots?  What's your opinion on them?

That's all for now.

Vita :)


  1. nice haul!
    the OPI vodka and caviar looks so good ♥

  2. That lippie is so pretty! Fabulous haul!!!

  3. i love the colour burst lippies, the packaging is awesome, great haul!
    Grace xx

  4. @Kris Beauty - I remember seeing Vodka & Caviar on the OPI promo posters so I had to have it!

    @Vintage Makeup - I'll be wearing this shade a lot this spring :)

    @Grace - Thanks :)

    @Hygea - Me alegro que les haya gustado todo!

  5. Now theres a stunning red polish- love that colour :)

  6. @Me, my best and I - I think it's going on my toes first!


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