17 August, 2011

Embellishing with silver

A quick post with a bit of nail "art".

I used silver foil polish (Bionic from Nail It!) to play around with yesterday's green mani.  I applied some tape on my ring finger and painted over the free edge to create the diagonal.  I dabbed on a few small blobs of silver on the other nails, allowed them to partly dry, then used some more tape to stamp and spread the polish over the nails to look like imitation silver leaf.  This looks rough and abstract but I quite liked it - never mind that the Husband said I was "mad"!

Enough of my silliness for now.

Vita :)


  1. wow, that looks awesome!!
    Grace xx

  2. Looks great Vita! The green and silver go really nicley together!

  3. Ooh I love it! Very unique, and creative.

  4. Thanks gals! Nothing like a bit of positive feedback! xoxox


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