26 August, 2011

Random bling: Latest additions

My dinner date outfit last weekend was a little black woollen knit dress.  I wore it with thick black tights and boots as it was still cold and I didn't want to freeze!  The dress is a very simple above the knee design with a polo neck and I wanted needed a statement piece to glam it up.

I bought this pendant and earrings from Lovisa to accessorize my outfit:

As they had a 3 for 2 sale I also bought this necklace to dress up my spring/summer outfits:

On a random note this bracelet was a recent belated birthday present my sister-in-law brought back from Istanbul.  She chose it because of the deco design.  I love it and had to share it with you too:

Have a great weekend and have fun whatever you do!

Vita :)


  1. i love these. hope to see how u might pair them with ;)

  2. Love Lovisa! How gorgeous are their pieces??!! I love what you got- really pretty!!

  3. i love the bracelet, its so pretty!
    Grace xx

  4. @Jamie K - I could take a pic of the outfit if you're interested.

    @Haute_Style - I really love Lovisa too because I think they're pieces are a bit more classy for the price! :)

    @Grace - Thanks, I love getting surprises from overseas. xoxo


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