24 August, 2011

BYS: Hot Corals

Be warned - this is a bit of a crap-tastic swatch!

In the bottle Hot Corals is an outrageously kitsch coral shade with a smattering of orange glitter and I couldn't wait to swatch it.  I was expecting the formula to be the same smooth squishy jelly as my other recently swatched BYS polish, Phantom (here) so I decided to skip the top coat before taking my pictures.  Result:  I ended up with a bumpy textured manicure which isn't too photogenic at all :(    See the evidence here...

Outdoors shade

Full sun

I didn't do this polish justice at all!  I think it would make a mad summer mani with a slurp of top coat.  I really loved the colour too.  Ah well, I think this one will call for a reswatch.

Until next time.

Vita :)


  1. The shade is wonderful, I hate it when the polishes come out so lumpy .. but you gotta love that glitter look too :-P

  2. Overall it's still a really pretty shade! :) I'm sure it's even more gorgeous with a top coat.

  3. @Polish AMOR - Thanks, I'll wear this again because I love the colour!

    @Vintage Makeup - Thank you <3

  4. @Saumya - Thanks, not bad for just $4.00! xoxo

  5. Oh I like the look of this one. Pretty :)

  6. @Chloeblue - Thanks - I NEED to wear this one again because it screams of summer and warm weather.


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