05 August, 2011

What my nails wore to work: OPI - San Tan Tonio

TGI Friday - It's been such a long week for me...

San Tan Tonio is another recent buy for me and it was motivated by nail polish envy in a slightly unusual setting.  I was on yet another interview panel last week when one of the interviewees' nails caught my eye.  Of course I paid attention to what she was saying but I couldn't help noticing the wonderful camel/tan creme polish on her nails.  I didn't ask her what polish she was wearing - just too weird an interview question - so I made a mental note of what I thought it could be and ended up with OPI's San Tan Tonio as the closest shade.

San Tan Tonio is from the recent Texas collection so it's still widely available.  I was so taken by how classy and professional it looked I wore it for this week's business trip and it's still on my nails right now.

Outdoors shade

Full sun

What's your favourite work-appropriate nail polish?

Have a wonderful weekend!

Vita :)


  1. So pretty!!!! I get worried about camel though, because I'm yellow toned.

    I like Milk Chocolate by Rimmel, I swatched it here - http://crouchingasian.blogspot.com/2011/01/milk-chocolate-yum.html

  2. San tan-tonio looks lovely on you! I don't really do work appropriate polish seeing as i'm at uni and I work in child care, so the more out there and sparkly the better! Last week it was really sunny and I wore China Glaze OMG, the girl's eyes nearly popped out of their heads :D

  3. very very pretty shade ..looks gorgeous on u :)

  4. so pretty, that shade suits you perfectly! I'm not sure if i could pull something like that off. I always wear dark reds/brown reds to school because it goes with my uniform!
    Grace xx

  5. @reeree - My skin has a yellow undertone to it too, so although I'm pale I don't have the pink porcelain thing going on. The milk chocolate sounds nice just by its title. I'll have to take a peek at your swatch :)

    @cincly - I wish I could wear glitter to work, although I do make up for the repression by going a bit crazy on the weekends.

    @Saumya - Thank you xoxo

    @Grace - Thanks :) I've been loving the dark reds lately too. What colour is your uniform?

  6. its a dark navy blue, so the contrast between the dark reds actually look pretty good!
    Grace xx

  7. this is so pretty!!!might have to get my hands on it:)

  8. I'd say Nude Beach by Honeybee Gardens is my fave neutral-ish shade. :) Loving this colour on you!

  9. @Grace - the navy blue and dark red combo's a perfect one. I'm thinking gold or silver could work too if you wanted to bling up your uniform :)

    @Priyanka - It's a great shade for sure, you won't regret it.

    @Vintage Makeup - Thanks, I just looked up the swatch on Honeybee Gardens website, really nice. Glad to say we can get it here in Australia too!


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