13 August, 2011

Essence: Lime Up!

I got a bit carried away last weekend because we had a tiny glimmer of warm weather.

Continuing on with the bright theme I chose the brightest acid green I have - Lime Up! from Essence.  This creme polish is very much a citrus shade and will look fabulous on tips and toes when the weather finally warms up and I get a bit of colour on my skin.

I've gotta confess this isn't my best swatch - I got a bit impatient and got polish smudged all over my fingers and cuticles, so I had to do a hasty clean up and some touching up on the pics!  These pictures are the best of a bad lot :(
 Natural light - indoors

Outdoors - shade

I hope you're enjoying your weekend!

Vita :)


  1. Nice colour, looks surprisingly wearable. And when oh when is Essence gonna be available in Sydney! That reminds me, is Essence only sold at Priceline on Bourke street in Melb or at other stores too? Because the fiew times I've gone to the bourke st store the stand has been pretty bare.

  2. i love this color <3

    - marla

  3. Bright but wearable, I like :)

  4. Haha Crazy colour
    I picked up a few essence products in Europe. Have 5 mascaras to try lol

  5. @Makeup and Macaroons - Lilit, I actually found Essence Australia on Facebook and it lists the specific Priceline stores stocking Essence. The ones I know of in Melb are Centrepoint in Bourke St, Doncaster Westfield, and Northland.

    @Maria - thanks :)

    @reeree - I agree with you! I'm a bit slow jumping on the bandwagon with these sorts of colours.

    @Bini - Hey Bini, nice to hear from you! Hope you post about the mascaras. I've seen them on the stand at Priceline, but haven't bought any yet! LOL

  6. *drools* I love me some chartreuse/yellow green :D

  7. @SilhouetteScreams - I love how you rock the bright colours on your eyes! xoxo


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