16 August, 2011

OPI: Cuckoo For This Color

I'm Cuckoo For This Color indeed!

I debated over whether to buy this shade for the longest time.  While everyone was raving about it, it just didn't look that special in the bottle to me.  I've bought lots of shades from the Swiss collection (that I haven't worn yet *tsk, tsk*) but I hesitated over buying CFTC.   Well, I finally bought it and wore it last weekend - and - Wow! This colour is just amazing on the nails.  Love, love, love this one and now I understand what the fuss has been all about.  CFTC is a deep forest green with a velvety, glowy shimmer.  Another one of those amazing winter colours...

Full sun



That's all for now.

Vita :)


  1. i love that green, super pretty!
    Grace xx

  2. @Amanda - Yes this one's a keeper! xoxo

    @Grace - Thanks! I've been loving the greens lately xoxo

  3. What a pretty color!
    I love how it like changes from very dark to lighter & the shimmer is also very nice. :)

  4. @Sishoba - Thanks, It's a very velvety green and I love it too!


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