11 September, 2011

Natio warehouse megahaul + swatches (Pic heavy)

Two weekends ago I went on my sis-in-law's annual shopping tour.  This involves cramming around 40 hyped up, cashed up women into one bus, making 10 scheduled stops at factory outlets.  One of the stops was the Natio cosmetics and skin care outlet.  With prices starting at $2AUD I did some major hauling!  Here's all of the collective booty:

Hand care products

HandsWell Gift Pack (contains Wellness hand cream (SPF 15), Wellness hand wash and a wooden nail brush).  I bought this pack because I'm already a fan of the Wellness hand cream and got the hand wash and nail brush for just a few extra dollars.

Lavender and Rosemary Hand and Nail Cream - yet another hand cream for this particular hand cream addict to try.  My hands are needing all the pampering they can get at the moment!

Mineral lip gloss pack
I bought this pack for the kitschy pink lame pouch as much as anything.  Won't lose that in my handbag!  I've not tried Natio's mineral glosses and the colours looked soft and wearable as the below swatches confirm.  These are very natural neutral shades for everyday wear.  They have a faint naturally fruity scent as they contain sweet orange oil.
L - R:
Caramel, Grape, Lily

Lipstick, balm and more gloss
L - R (and swatched in order below):
Australia lipstick - Drama
Tinted lip balm - Kiss Me
Ultra Shiny Fruit Gloss - Melon

It seems I was in a bit of a pink mood when I chose these!

Australia lipstick - I remember this was a limited edition collection launched at the same time the movie "Australia" came out a few years ago (remember that one with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman?  I won't go into any movie reviews here...).  The lipstick isn't very pigmented and is a lot lighter than appears in the tube.  Still not bad for two or three bucks and I can slick this one on without the use of a mirror - funnily enough the lipstick lid actually has a mirror on one side!

Tinted lip balm - Yet another lip balm to add to my "balmy army".  Another $2 special.  This balm contains jojoba, vitamin E, almond and peppermint oils so it has that faint minty scent and cooling sensation on the lips.

Ultra shiny fruit gloss - You can see how wet this gloss is in the above swatch.  It tastes a bit sweet, and feels smooth on the lips without being too sticky.  Contains vitamin E, shea butter, jojoba and avocado oil.

Eye, cheek and nail colours

Sparkle Dust eye palette - I bought this palette on a leap of faith, not expecting much at all.  I thought I was going to get some anaemic pastel colours. Boy, how wrong I was.  This was my star purchase!  The swatches below were done on bare skin and you can see the wonderful jewel colours and the great pigmentation:

Nail Colour (Mello) - Of course I had to buy more nail polish, even in soft, safe shades.  This lovely peachy pink polish (see tape swatch below) has obviously been discontinued.  Don't know why - I think this definitely has a place in my spring/summer wardrobe.  Another $2 bargain in my opinion!

Mineral Blusher - This doesn't have a shade name so perhaps it was the only shade? You can see from the swatch it's a shimmery pink.  I think it'll wear well for summery evenings.

Enough hauling for now...Even as I type those words I can tell you there's still more to come courtesy of another Catch Of The Day haul on it's way to me over the next few weeks...Beauty blogging is so bad for my wallet - but still so much fun!

Until next time.

Vita :)


  1. Wow awesome haul! Even better that it's cheap as chips! I live right by the Urban Rituelle warehouse, love shopping in there, but I haven't heard of a Natio outlet. Can anyone go in? I'd love to know where it is, I use Natio skincare products and i've tried a few glosses, never met a product I didn't like :)

  2. @Julia - The Natio outlet is located in a back street in Abbotsford, near Melbourne. I'm pretty sure it's only open to tour groups most of the year but they do have specific dates they open to the public. I put my name down on a mailing list while I was there so hopefully I'll be notified.

  3. I love the idea of a shopping tour I am so jealous!!!

  4. Great haul girl!!! I would like to be in your shoes right now ;)

  5. @emmabovary - Shopping tours are hugely fun but completing exhausting too!

    @MissDoll - Thank you :)

  6. FABULOUS HAUL! I love Natio skincare, though haven't yet explored much of their makeup products.


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