13 September, 2011

Love & Beauty: Fuschia (or is it red??)

Enough of the grey, here's something a bit more bright and cheerful (and a little deceptive in its name).

Love & Beauty's Fuschia is one of those polish shades that differs significantly from bottle to nail.  Although it looked like a deep purple fuschia in the bottle, it dried down to a deep beetroot red  on my nails.  It disappointed me a bit because I really loved the bottle colour.  Shame.

Full sun - you can see the difference here


So, Fuschia isn't really fuschia at all but it's quite a respectable red.

Have you ever had this disappointment with a nail polish colour that didn't exactly live up to its look in the bottle?

Until next time.

Vita :)


  1. It's a gorgeous colour, but definitely not fuschia. My latest disappointment was with a sportsgirl nailpolish, in the bottle it looked like a gorgeous coral. On the nails it was a boring matte orange. Oh well...

  2. I love the shade this came out on the nail but it is frustrating when you love something in the bottle but it doesn't translate

  3. It's a great red! And no, it's not fuschia.
    So far, I've been quite lucky, every nailpolish I bought had the same color it had in the bottle!

  4. Gorgeous red! Definitely not fuschia. :)

  5. @Makeup and Macaroons - Matte orange sounds different Lilit! Were you able to save it with a top coat?

    @Kristy - I agree with you. That's why I place my trust in swatches these days. This particular polish was a gift.

    @Drama & Makeup - Thanks. Fortunately it is a nice red. I didn't leave it alone though if you read my next post!

    @Vintage Makeup - Thanks :) Yes, my eyes weren't playing tricks on me were they!


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