09 September, 2011

Glitter layering again: Aisai 53

I'm writing this post snuggled up in bed wearing my warmest PJ's because it's f-f-freezing tonight!

Aisai 53 is a very girly pink glitter polish.  It's a mix of very fine glitter and large diamond shaped holo glitter pieces suspended in a sheer pink base polish.  Very pretty but it needs a bit of patience to place the large glitter pieces evenly on the nail - something I didn't do this time!  I just let them randomly land wherever they wanted to so it looks a bit, umm, well...like this:

Two coats layered over Love & Beauty Magenta (tip wear courtesy of 2 day old polish underneath)

The smaller glitter specks look like bubbles over the top of the holo pieces, giving this mani a sense of depth, like a snow-dome effect on the nails.  I'll have to try this polish again and apply it with the love and care it deserves.

Have a great weekend!

Vita :)


  1. @Vintage Makeup - Aw, you didn't need to say that! It was a bit of a fail for me :(


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