27 September, 2011

From the vault: Liquid Metal - Ir

**Scheduled post**

Here are some old nail pictures of a very old nail polish of mine.  I bought this bottle of Liquid Metal nail polish years ago - so long ago that I can't exactly remember where I bought it.   I looked up the the definition of the shade name "Ir" thinking it was an abbreviation for gold and it is apparently "...a metallic element of platinum group..."  Anyway to my eye Ir is a yellow gold metallic polish.

 Indoors with flash

I love wearing this shade on my toes in summer.

Thanks for looking.

Vita :)


  1. love to see the old ones :) ... hope you are enjoying your vacataion!!!

  2. Fun shade! Reminds me of the sun :-p

  3. I have a green-ish polish from this brand too, and like you, cannot remember when I purchased it, just that it was looong ago, lol! Mine is called Kr.
    It's great so see someone else has a well-aged stash :)

  4. @Polish AMOR - Thanks. I love rediscovering my old polishes for a bit of fun. Vacay is going great! :)

    @Vintage Makeup - Thanks, I've literally been soaking up the sun lately!

    @ABOP - Great to hear someone else out there has a polish from this old line. I'm pretty sure I have another one stashed away. I'll have to dig it out when I get back home. :)


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