12 September, 2011

OPI: Brand New Skates

Here's an old limited edition OPI I wore over the weekend.  I bought Brand New Skates in a Singapore OPI store in 2008.  This shade is from OPI's Holiday in Toyland collection launched for that year's holiday season.  One of my favourite glass flecked reds (Don't Toy with Me) also came from that collection - Note to self:  swatch this one soon!

Anyway, I chose this to wear to match the dreary wintry weather which continues to linger into our spring.  Brand New Skates is a semi-sheer gunmetal grey polish with a subtle mix of gold and silver microglitter.  The colour actually makes me think of the graphite in pencils so I keep wanting to call it graphite - no connection to the Chanel shade whatsoever,  I just think it would be a good fit for this polish.  Because of the sheerer than normal formula I needed to apply three coats for full opacity, but I was happy with the final result:

Outdoors sun



I found this shade to be paradoxically dull and interesting at the same time.  What do you think?

That's all for now.

Vita :)


  1. Very nice Vita, that last picture is really lovely

  2. Now that is my kinda nail polish shade!! Love it xo

  3. @Kristy & @Hannah - Thanks ladies!

  4. Great color and I love that tiny shimmer in it

  5. @MissDoll - I agree, I think the shimmer gives this colour a bit of interest.


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