05 September, 2011

Essence: Just Rock It!

I haven't been wearing my Essence polishes for a while so it was time to dip into my stash and try another shade.  Just Rock It! is an almost indigo blue in a super glossy creme formula.  It's such a deep colour it can be mistaken for black in dim light.  The pics below are most colour accurate and show off the rich blue to best effect.

This is two coats:


As always this Essence colour & go polish formula dried really quickly and lasted well enough through the weekend.  I just hope Essence increase their retail locations here in Australia.

Enjoy the start of another week.

Vita :)


  1. Absolutely gorgeous. Shoulda bought more Essence when I was down in Melbourne. Damn it.

  2. This is a stunning color. I'm quite bummed that the US doesn't really have Essence polishes. They are amazing! Thanks for the great swatches!


  3. @reeree - I found a great range of essence stuff in a Target store recently so I've got more essence posts up my sleeve.

    @Alex - Thanks :) I thought the US did have some Essence cosmetics - I read someone bought Essence products at Ulta I think?

  4. gorgeous deep blue!!where do you get essence polishes in Australia?

  5. @Priyanka - Here's the full list of Australian stockists - They're all in VIC & NSW: Priceline in Centrepoint, Knox, Highpoint, Northland, Altona, Southland and Doncaster VIC; Target in Carlingford, Rouse Hill, Hornsby, Chatswood, Glendale, and Wetherill Park in NSW, and Doncaster, Epping, Geelong, and Point Cook in VIC.

  6. awww thank you so much for that , will definitely have a look for them now:)

  7. I totally love a rocking dark blue that is clearly blue and not black/blackened.

  8. @Chloeblue - Thanks. It's really wearable too!

    @Liz - Thank you! :)


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