19 September, 2011

Blingtastic silver glitter: a-england - Merlin

Here's another polish I won from the lovely Kristy of The Polish Haven.

This is the totally glitterific Merlin from a-england.  This polish is simply loads of fine silver glitter in a clear base.  Two coats and my nails are wearing silver bling.  Honestly, I could have got away with a single coat of this densely packed glitter.  I'm in love with this mani!


Full sun

Even gorgeous in the shade...

This manicure wore like armour on my nails and didn't budge until I took it off.  

Until next time.

Vita :)


  1. I ♥ this silver glitter nail polish! Makes me think it's Christmas already =D

  2. @Rose - Yes it reminds me of silver tinsel or baubles.

    @Julia - Yes, this is up there with my favourites for the year!!

  3. <3 huge amount of glitters! pretty!

  4. This is amazing! Would be perfect for glitter tips or new years nails!

  5. it looks like you have diamond coated nail, gorgeous!!this is convincing me to try out more glitter polishes:)

  6. it seriously looks fantastic on you!

  7. I haven't seen this brand before but this is gorgeous! I'm tempted to search for it despite how annoying glitters are to remove :)

  8. This is so bling!! Love it! But bet it was difficult to remove!

  9. love it .. so sparkly n glittery .. love glittery nail polishes

  10. woah, thats like the most awesomest sparklcles nail polish ever!
    Grace xx

  11. @prettymom - I <3 this one too.

    @Vintage Makeup - I'm looking for an excuse to wear this again and I think it will be perfect for the holiday season :)

    @Priyanka - Wow, thanks! This polish is a bit like jewels for the nails :)

    @Kristy - Thanks to you :)

    @Ahalya - I've checked out the a-england website (UK) and they have free international shipping. Tempting!

    @Ling - It was a bit stubborn to remove but not as bad as some because the glitter is quite fine.

    @Saumya - Thanks :)

  12. @Grace - this polish is definitely eye catching and now one of my favourites xoxo

  13. I wish my nails and eyelids looked like this naturally *_____* SO PRETTY

  14. Oh I bow to you the true Glitter Queen. This polish is crazy good! Love love love...

  15. @SilhouetteScreams - Oh wow! Eyelids like this would be amazingly crazy wonderful!!!

    @Chloeblue - Thanks! I was madly in love with this too. :)


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